Advanced Standing This program is designed for students who have received professional certification or licensure from an authorized state or national certification board. If the professional certification is commensurate with the student’s educational goals and existing curricular guidelines, college credit may be granted. We do not grant credit for professional certifications that cannot be translated into an equivalent course at KCKCC. Advanced Standing puts emphasis on the application of knowledge and the demonstration of its application through professional certification. An example of such a procedure would be the granting of credit in the LPN Bridge Program for persons who have already passed the Kansas State licensure exam. Specific guidelines are as follows:

  1. Documentation for Advanced Standing should be submitted to the Program Coordinator and approved by the Instructional Dean and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  2. Academic credit is posted on transcripts by the College’s course number. The notation on the transcript reads: Credits Awarded Based on Credential Evaluation. A grade of CR is recorded. Credit will not be posted until the student has completed 12 hours of academic credit in residence.
  3. Students must be enrolled and successfully complete course(s) at the College during the semester they plan to receive academic credit.
  4. Academic credit is only granted for Advanced Standing if the College offers an equivalent course.
  5. The credit will count toward graduation and maybe used to fulfill curriculum requirements in designated programs.