Admission to Kansas City Kansas Community College is granted by meeting one of the following requirements:
  • A graduate from a regionally accredited high school
  • A transfer student, in good standing, from a regionally accredited university/college
  • A successful completer of the General Education Development (GED) examination
  • A graduate from a secondary school outside of the U.S. whose completion is determined by KCKCC as equivalent to U.S. high school graduation
If one of these requirements cannot be met, students should seek admission under the Special Student or High School Student category.

As an equal opportunity institution, the College accepts all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex/gender (to include orientation, identity, or expression), military/veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law and/or KCKCC policies.

Students who falsify admissions information and/or fail to submit all transcripts as required by state law are subject to academic dismissal.

Mandatory Evaluation & Placement

First-time college students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the last 24 months may be exempt from taking the placement evaluation in Reading and Writing if their score is ACT 23/SAT 575 or above in Reading and English. First-time college students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the last 24 months may be exempt from taking the placement evaluation in Math if their score is ACT 23/SAT 575 or above or higher in math.

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Selective Admissions

Admission to KCKCC does not guarantee enrollment into the following programs:  Cosmetology, Medical Assistant, Mortuary Science, Nail Technology, Nursing, Paramedic, Physical Therapist Assistant, Practical Nursing or Respiratory Therapy.

Students seeking admission into a selective admission program must contact the individual Program Coordinator for additional admission materials and requirements. Each program has unique criteria as well as deadline dates.

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Nontraditional Studies

Nontraditional Studies is composed of ten programs. 

Each program has regulations and criteria concerning admission and academic credit.

Nontraditional Studies is not a "short-cut" enabling students to avoid attending classes or obtain quick academic credits. Students who qualify for Nontraditional Studies academic credit are unique in their learning and educational experiences.

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Special Students

Individuals may be admitted to KCKCC as special students if they are over 18 years of age and do not have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Such students must be non-degree seeking.

Special students are required to follow College regulations, pay fees, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Enrollment for special students is limited to one course during their first semester at the College. After earning a grade of C or better, they are entitled to enroll in two courses the next semester. Students who continue to maintain a C average are allowed to take two classes each semester until they accumulate a maximum of 20 academic credit hours. At that point, special students are required to earn a GED in order to enroll as a regular degree-seeking student.

Home Schooled Students

Students who graduate from a home school or private school that is recognized by the state of the student’s residency will be admitted as a regular student. Home School or private school students must submit a complete online application and provide an official academic transcript reflecting completed courses, grades and date of graduation.

Transfer Students

Students are responsible for contacting the institutions they have attended and requesting that their official transcript be sent directly to Registrar’s Office. All official transcripts from previous colleges attended are required to be on file in the Registrar’s Office before the admissions process is considered complete. Hand-carried transcripts will be accepted as official only when the college seal is affixed, the envelope is sealed, and the document is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Electronic transcripts are accepted through direct transmission from secured sites and authorized institutions, upon verification of authenticity. Photocopies and faxed copies can be used for advising purposes only, but are not considered official for the purpose of evaluation and posting to the KCKCC academic transcript.

Students who wish to have credit applied to their KCKCC transcript for courses completed outside of the United States must submit an official course–by-course credential evaluation completed by a NACES Member credential evaluation agency (

Transfer credit is not official until evaluated and posted to the KCKCC transcript. The college will evaluate transcripts based on the declared program of study. KCKCC will grant transfer credit only to courses that apply to the student’s program of study or that meet degree requirements at KCKCC. Students who change their program of study or degree plan at KCKCC may request that the Registrar’s Office re-evaluate their transcript based on the changed active program.

KCKCC will grant credit for equivalent courses at KCKCC. Courses for which there are no equivalent courses at KCKCC, but which are determined to be acceptable transfer credit, will be designated with the most appropriate department codes and listed as elective. All courses posted on the KCKCC transcript will be included for computation into the cumulative grade point average.

Students Needing English for Speakers of Other Languages - ESOL

English for Speakers of Other languages (ESOL) is designed for students who need additional English instruction before starting academic classes. For admission into the program, students must provide a high school diploma or GED certificate. Before enrolling in ESOL classes, students are required to take the approved English placement test at KCKCC. Using these test scores, the ESOL advisor will assist students with enrollment. Call the ESOL coordinator at 913-288-7380 or the Arts, Communications and Humanities division at 913-288-7674 for an appointment.

Students needing the GED certificate or basic, non-credit English (ESL) classes should contact Adult and Continuing Education at 913-288-7660.