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Title III

Title III Grant


Gena Ross, Ph.D.
Director for Student Support for Program Success
Project Director for the Title III Grant 

Strategic Priorities

  1. Student Success
  2. Quality Programs and Services
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Community Engagement

 Staying on the path, ongoing, intrusive advising and systems for students to track progress.

Guided Pathways

An institution wide approach to student success that is based on giving students clear, coherent, and structured educational experiences that build in a variety of academic and nonacademic supports.

Framework = Pillars

Focused on clarifying the paths through program mapping. Help students get on a path, stay on the path, and ensure they are learning.

Getting on a Path

Require support that helps students get their best start which includes academic planning based on career/transfer exploration and integrated academic support for passing program gateway courses.

First Generation

  • Have second year students to help where classes and buildings are plus other things.
  • Front door-orientation registration, and persistence can influence student success at a high impact.

Academic Planning - 3 Critical Roles

  1. Ensure students understand their options for program study. That raises students' aspirations, by encouraging them to pursue opportunities they may have not considered, they ensure students have a realistic academic plan.
  2. Students need to know exactly what classes they need to take so they can graduate on time. It helps them plan and achieve their goals.
  3. Reducing Roadblocks to College Access and Completion
  • Building bridges from high school to college.
  • Innovative tools for student success
  • Greater Access through scholarships=

Grant Progress and Status

  • Hired Director - Gena Ross, Ph.D., August 2023
  • Tutor Coordinator - Amanda Williams, Ph.D.
  • Career Coordinator - Danielle Frideres
  • Student Services - Brady Beckman
  • Retention & Career Coaches - Brett Lagerblade and Valerie Mendoza
  • Established a Title III Steering Committee that meets every month
  • Hired Guided Pathways Consultant, Dr. Al. Solano
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