The primary role and responsibility of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to collect, analyze, and interpret institutional data on students, faculty, educational programs, and administrative and support services so as to provide accurate information to support planning and decision making activities within the educational institution. These duties and functions are in alignment with the Association for Institutional Research. You can reference this document by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to support KCKCC’s mission, vision and strategic goals by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information to key stakeholders. Institutional Effectiveness lays the ground work for a culture of data informed decisions through the use of data and analytics. The office supports accreditation activities, strategic planning, federal and state reporting requirements and a cycle of continuous quality improvement processes. The office also provides leadership and expertise to administrators, faculty and staff regarding data collection strategies, statistical analysis and non-biased interpretation of research findings.

The following core values ASPIRE IE staff members in their daily work, decision making, and interpersonal interactions:

Accountability: A commitment to accuracy, efficiency, reliability and transparency towards responsible management of data, information, and resources to support the mission and vision of the College.

Service: A promise to being responsive, accessible, helpful professionals.

Partnership: A belief in the value and necessity of building collaborative, mutually beneficial connections with professional colleagues and IR practitioners.

Integrity: A commitment to conducting oneself in a responsible, honest, and ethical manner.

Respect: An appreciation of the diversity of people and ideas, fostering inclusive dialogues grounded in kindness and consideration of differing views.

Excellence: A commitment to personal and professional development and continuous quality improvement, encouraging individual initiative, creativity, and innovation.

Annual Reports