Veterans and Military

The Veterans' Certifying Official (VCO) provides veterans of military service, active duty members, reservists, or National Guard members assistance with obtaining educational services and benefits.

The office of the Veteran's Affairs Certifying Official is located at KCKCC's main campus, in the Veterans Center in Lower Jewel.

Additionally the VCO will maintain office hours one day a week at the KCKCC Pioneer Career Center. Call 913-288-7750 to make an appointment at there.

The Veterans process is automated to save you time. Please review the frequently asked questions to guide you in the process.


In order to qualify for the Military/Veteran tuition rate, military personnel, military dependents, and veterans must provide evidence of military affiliation to the college Registrar office.

Evidence can include:
Military ID Card
Veteran ID Card
Dependent ID Card

Federal legislation known as the "Veterans' Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014," requires all public universities and colleges to offer in-state tuition rates to veterans making use of Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, who live in the state where the institution they intend to enroll at is located, and who file a letter of intent to establish residence in the state. Eligible spouses and dependent children also qualify for in-state tuition rates.  

Go to Kansas Board of Regents' Military & Veteran Resources webpage for more information.

Refunds of Tuition

Refund of Tuition Charges for Activated Military Personnel It shall be the policy of Kansas City Kansas Community College that students serving in National Guard or Reserves who are called to active duty during an academic term are entitled to receive a full refund of tuition fees if they withdraw or drop all classes. Students who are directed to report for active duty during an academic term shall also be entitled to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. All refunds may be contingent upon presentation of official documentation. Students who volunteer for military service may be subject to the institution‘s non-military refund policy.

Military and Veteran Residency Requirement Exemption

Per state statute, there are exceptions to the six‐month residency requirement:
  • Persons who are in active military service of the United States, regardless of residence.
  •  A veteran of the armed forces (or his/her dependent) who has established residence in Kansas but who does not meet the six‐month residency requirement.
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