Students may obtain specific information and apply for Departmental Credit by Examination through their Instructional Dean’s office. This program is available for students who can document their competency in the subject by meeting the same course requirements as students attending classes. The Instructional Dean or a designated department coordinator determines whether credit by examination can be used to meet a student’s graduation requirements.

  1. Application forms must be approved by the instructor giving the examination, the Instructional Dean and/or designated department coordinator, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Application is valid for one year from date initiated.
  2. Students pay the cost of tuition and fees for the course before the examination is administered. Tuition is determined by the number of credit hours being granted for the departmental exam. Examination fee is non-refundable.
  3. Student must be currently enrolled and successfully complete other course(s) at KCKCC during the semester the exam is taken.
  4. Credit hours awarded are posted on the transcript upon successful completion of the exam. The College’s course numbers are shown on the transcript with a notation that Departmental Credit by Examination was granted. A grade of CR indicates the student was awarded academic credit for the course.
  5. Student does not enroll in or attend Credit by Exam courses.
  6. Students can accumulate 15 credit hours through Departmental Credit by Examination.