Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment Partnership Program provides secondary schools with the opportunity to expand their curriculum by scheduling KCKCC courses in conjunction with their regular class offerings. Students have the advantage of taking their classes at the high school.

Courses taught at the high school have identical course content to that of courses being offered at KCKCC and are evaluated by an Instructional Dean at the College before being implemented at the high school. Faculty are evaluated and must meet the same criteria as instructors who teach on campus.

Students interested in participating in the program should contact their high school counselor for additional information and details on the enrollment process.

Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Defined

The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) encourages high school students to take advantage of postsecondary education opportunities by enrolling in college courses while still in high school. The statute commonly is known as concurrent enrollment of high school students in eligible postsecondary institutions. Different types of enrollment can be included under the statute.

Kansas City Kansas Community College Defines Concurrent Enrollment as: 
Classes taught at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach classes for college credit during the normal school day. (KBOR 8b 1i)

Kansas City Kansas Community College Defines Dual Enrollment as:

  • Classes in which the high school student travels to the college campus to take courses prior to graduation during the academic year or in summer. (KBOR 8b 1 vii)
  • Classes in which college faculty travel to the high school to teach classes for college credit to high school students. (KBOR 8b 1 vii)

Admissions Guidelines

  • High school sophomores, juniors, and/or seniors are eligible for the concurrent and/or dual enrollment program. Freshmen in the gifted program are also allowed to participate.
  • High school students should first consult with guidance counselors to determine eligibility to enroll in courses at Kansas City Kansas Community College while attending high school.
  • Students must take the placement test and/or provide ACT scores.

Minimum ACT Scores to be exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER:

  • Math 23
  • English 23
  • For ACT scores lower than 23, an ACCUPLACER test is required.


The ACCUPLACER is a placement test, and an evaluation of Math and English skills.  

 High Schools have the ability to test students at their high school location. High School counselors will notify students when testing is available.   

  • Testing typically takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

    Testing is available at the KCKCC campus, TEC Center, and Pioneer Center. No Friday testing during the summer semesters.

  • A KCKCC ID number and a photo are required prior to the test.

ACCUPLACER, minimum score requirements:

  • English courses: Reading scores of 75 and Sentence Skills scores of 70.
  • Math courses:  Math score of 100.
  • Speech and Psychology:  Reading score of 75
  • All other courses: Reading score of 65

ACCUPLACER, TEC Center minimum score requirements:

  • Cosmetology, Nail Technology, and Electrical Technology reading scores of 60.
  • CNA program Reading score of 65.
  • All other TEC students must take the Reading portion of the ACCUPLACER, no minimum score.
  • It is recommended that students all students take the Math section of the ACCUPLACER.

Students must pay tuition before they would be allowed to enroll in the following semester. Tuition for year-long classes will be paid in the fall semester. In addition, KCKCC must also adhere to guidelines established by the Kansas Board of Regents which may not be displayed.

Classes Offered

  • Go to WebAdvisor
  • Select “Prospective Students” or “Current Students”
  • Under “Admissions Information, select “Search for Sections”
  • On the drop down menu next to “Term”, select the appropriate semester. (Example: if you are enrolling for fall courses, you would select “FALL 2018 All classes”)
  • Scroll to “Location” and select your school.
  • You will then see a list of classes for your school.

Enrollment Process

  • Students complete and submit a free admissions application to Kansas City Kansas Community College found online at
  • The student’s KCKCC ID number is emailed to the address listed on the student’s admissions application. Student also receives email with instructions to log into WebAdvisor.
  • Student completes the ACCUPLACER and/or ACT placement test.
  • Students complete the Concurrent/Dual enrollment form and submit to the High School Counselor.
  • The form is forwarded to the KCKCC High School Partnership Coordinator or KCKCC TEC Advisor.
  • Copies of the forms should be forwarded to the High School Point of Contact.
  • The High School Partnership Coordinator/TEC Advisor verifies student admission and minimum placement test scores and enrolls a student in the courses indicated on the form.
  • High School Counselors are notified of any issues preventing enrollment and work with KCKCC to resolve the issues.
  • Once the student is enrolled, he or she may obtain a KCKCC photo ID.
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