This program is designed for students who have received formalized and/or individualized training in a non-collegiate setting. If the learning experience is commensurate with the student’s educational goals and existing curricular guidelines, college credit may be granted. We do not grant credit for living or for work experience that cannot be translated into some type of academic learning.Life Experience Learning puts emphasis on the application of knowledge and the demonstration of its application through documentation. Specific guidelines are as follows:

  1. Documentation for Life Experience Learning should be submitted by the specific Program Coordinator and approved by their Instructional Dean.
  2. Furnishing documented evidence of Life Experience Learning is the responsibility of the applicant desiring academic credit. It should consist of a portfolio containing all pertinent documentation of life experience and specific examples of the applicant’s work (in whatever form it exists.) Examples of documented Life Experience Learning might be the following: workshops, CEU credit, publications, performance evaluations, etc. Each applicant’s learning through life experience is different, and the evidence supporting or documenting the learning is evaluated on an individual basis.
  3. Academic credit is posted on transcripts by the College’s course number. The notation on the transcript reads: Life Experience Learning. A grade of CRis recorded. Credit will not be posted until the student has completed 15 hours of academic credit in residence.
  4. Students must be enrolled and successfully complete course(s) at the College during the semester they plan to receive academic credit.
  5. A total of 15 credit hours can be granted for LifeExperience Learning.
  6. Academic credit is only granted for Life Experience Learning if the College offers an equivalent course.
  7. Tuition and fees are charged for Life ExperienceLearning based on the number of credit hours approved for academic credit. Tuition and fees must be paid before credit hours are posted on the transcript.