The Office of Student Engagement is dedicated to fostering student growth and development by promoting a wide range of events, resources, and activities. These opportunities are designed to encourage active involvement in academic, professional, civic, and social pursuits, providing students with a holistic platform for personal and professional development.

We aim to prioritize transparency and fluidity in our commitment to student success.

Our purpose is to be fair and just in our policies, procedures, and practices in the interest of student success that promote access to all students for the interest of retention and graduation.

For more information about activities, events or leadership opportunities email

FBOE - Fringe Benefits of Education

Fringe Benefits of Education (FBOE) is an organization that offers a circle of support for adults 17 years of age and older. Founded in 2007, FBOE has been focused on guiding young people to overcome their struggles, and to accomplish their dreams.

FBOE walks beside young adults to help them overcome barriers that cause hopelessness and disconnect from their dreams. Participation is open to young men & Women who are on the fringe of transition, dropping out, losing hope of being successful, seeking employable skills, having a hard time transitioning, looking for ways to connect with community resources and wanting a better chance of beating the odds. Each participant will develop skills to create realistic and practical goals, an action plan, create a support system, build lifelong friendships, networking opportunities, tutoring and more. 

FBOE meets every Thursday evening (all year round) from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the lower level area, Jewell Building, KCKCC Main Campus 7250 State Avenue, KCKS 66112. 

Interested in FBOE? Click the link below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

FBOE Interest Form

For more information contact Roger Suggs at 913-288-7482 or

Student Government

The KCKCC student senate (student government) works as a legislative body which includes: four member executive board and student senators that is made up of student club representatives from all the KCKCC clubs, organizations and special interests groups.  This legislative body is the voice for all KCKCC students. Through the voice of this body, issues concerning students, academics, faculty, staff, policies, procedures and the institution as a whole may be discussed during each of the bi-weekly general meetings held in the lower level of the Jewell Building.

All KCKCC students are welcome to attend the bi-weekly student senate meetings.  If you have a concern or something you would like to discuss privately or publicly at the meetings, please contact any of your student senate members at

Any enrolled student may apply as an executive board member and can be appointed by the board to the senate if interested. Interested students should contact Mark Nelson, adviser at 913-288-7652, and/or any of the student senate officers by emailing

The student senate office is located in the Office of Student Engagement, room 2313, lower level of the Jewell Building. Our door is always open for all of our KCKCC students.  Please stop by to see planning in action or just stop by the office to say “Hi.” We are always happy to hear from you. 

2023-2024 Student Senate Executive Board

Student Senate President
Elizabeth "Liz" Daniels

Student Senate Vice President
Eden Barnes

Student Senate Secretary 
Joseph Sanchez

Student Senate Treasurer
Zamarion "Z" Coffee

KCKCC Student Senate Club Forms

All students attending a college sponsored trip must complete and submit the required travel forms below to the Student Engagement office five to seven days prior to departure.

Behavior Agreement
Emergency Contact Form
Liability Release and Consent to Travel Medical Form

An official KCKCC club and organization are required to serve on one student senate committee.  Please click the link below to review the committees.  Rank your first, second, third, fourth and fifth choice.

Student Senate Club Committee Form 

An official KCKCC club and organization who would like to request additional funding for an upcoming club trip that was not on the original approved budget form may complete the form below. A student senate member may contact you for additional questions.

Student Senate - Travel Proposal Form