The Business Office provides services to students, faculty and staff with regards to tuition billings, tuition payments, student refunds and vendor payments.  We are an integral part of the administration offices and work provide the accounting functions necessary for the college to operate smoothly. 

In order to be compliant with FERPA law (Federal Educational Rights Privacy Act)

  • We require current students to present a current student ID
  • We are unable to give detailed account information over the phone
  • We may only give information to the student, unless a signed release document is on file in the Registrar’s Office (This must be updated every semester).

Our direct phone line is 913-288-7620 and is answered by the first available staff.

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., as well as any exceptions during semester break and enrollment.  After hours appointments available for those students working full time or those with special circumstances. Call our direct phone line listed above. 

KCKCC has partnered with Transact Payments to provide student account payment services.  This includes the ability to make payments by bank account, credit/debit card, 529 Plan, or foreign currency.  Transact Payments also provides Installment payment plans for Spring, Fall and Summer terms (see details in self-service for more information)

If automatic payments are set up, please note that if any payment is made directly to your account, the student is responsible to contact the Business Office to manually adjust your payment plan. This is also true for credits as well, i.e. dropped classes, scholarships, Pell Grant and loans. If the Business Office is not contacted to adjust your payment plan, this could result in duplicate payments.

Refund Policy

To obtain a refund for tuition and fees, students must officially drop their class(es) in the Registrar’s Office within the drop date time frame. Refunds are not allowed after published dates.

For more more Information go to the  Tuition, Fees and Refund page.

Third Party Billing and Sponsorships

Agencies or organizations requiring course completion or proof of grades BEFORE they authorize payment are considered tuition reimbursement programs. These programs do NOT qualify for the third-party billing process.Students participating in tuition reimbursement programs are responsible to make their own payment arrangements,according to the KCKCC tuition payment policy, and seek reimbursement directly from their sponsoring agency or organization.

Read more about Third Party Billing