Recommended Steps

The admissions application must be completed online here.


  • The Financial Aid Office at KCKCC assists students in obtaining the necessary funding needed to attend college. Students who apply for assistance and meet eligibility requirements may receive one or more of the following: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Loan, state scholarship or grant, and/or a KCKCC scholarship or performance grant. All students should complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year. Students should list Kansas City Kansas Community College (Code: 001925) as the college they plan to attend.
    • Use the “IRS Data Retrieval Tool” to complete the application faster. Be sure to include KCKCC as a receiving school on the FAFSA.
    • Students must apply for admission to the College in order to receive a financial aid award. The FAFSA should be completed prior to April 1 to receive maximum funding.
Use this Financial Aid Checklist

Apply for your VA Education benefits

Initiate your Application through the VA’s Online Portal to get your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). KCKCC administers the

following VA Education Benefits:

Chapter 33 – Post-9/11 GI Bill® - At least 90 aggregate days of active service after September 10, 2001, or were discharged with a service-connected disability after serving at least 30 consecutive days after that date.

Chapter 30 – Montgomery FI Bill® - Active Duty – There is various eligibility criteria for this program and a minimum service obligation.

Chapter 1606 – Selected Reserve – The VA does not have Authority under the law to make or reverse eligibility determinations. Your Guard or Reserve component makes decisions regarding your eligibility for this benefit.

Chapter 35 Survivors’ and Dependent Educational Assistance: Stipend available to survivors’ and dependents of veterans with 100% P&T Disability.

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) – Have received a discharge that is other than dishonorable. Have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10% from VA. Apply for VR&E services.

Military Tuition Assistance – KCKCC also administers the Military Tuition Assistance for Eligible Active Duty Military.


  • In order to qualify for the Military/Veteran tuition rate, military personnel, military dependents, and veterans must provide documentation of military affiliation to the college Registrar office.
    • Documentation can include:
      • DD214
      • Military ID Card
      • Veteran ID Card
      • Dependent ID Card
    • Federal legislation known as the “Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014,” requires all public universities and colleges to offer in-state tuition rates to veterans making use of Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, who live in the state where the institution they intend to enroll at is located, and who file a letter of intent to establish residence in the state. Eligible spouses and dependent children also qualify for in-state tuition rates.
Go to Kansas Board of Regents’ Military & Veteran Resources webpage for more information
  • If you have attended any previous institutions, official transcripts must be sent to KCKCC. All transcripts must be official. You should have them sent directly from your school to KCKCC. Transcripts from all other colleges/universities must be sent to the Registrar’s Office in order to be applied towards a degree or certificate.
  • Transcripts from your military experience can be requested through JST for Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy https:/ Force transcripts can be requested through

We will need a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for our records and in some cases for Residency. Don’t forget that you must have listed KCKCC as your school of choice. If you are having any issues please contact our office.

 Submit your COE to

NOTE: It could take up a month o more to receive your COE from the VA. The COE is sent directly to you and not to KCKCC. You do NOT have to wait for your COE to continue through the remaining steps on this list.


Once you have completed your VA education benefits and enrolled in classes, you will need to submit your Veterans Benefits Request Form. This will initiate your VA Enrollment Certification for your monetary benefits and can be completed by going here.

IMPORTANT: You must submit a Veterans Benefit Request Form for VA benefits EVERY SEMESTER, and resubmit the form if you make any changes i.e. add/drop classes. If you do not submit a Veterans Benefit Request Form, the VA will not be informed of your enrollment into school.

Dropping A Class

If you drop a class after the add/drop date, you must email us with the name of the class(es) you are dropping and the reason. There may be financial implications associated with dropping class(es) after the add/drop date. Please feel free to contact the Veteran Center for guidance in this process, 913-288-7593.

If you are using Chapter 33 Post 9/11 benefits, the VA pays Tuition and Fees directly to KCKCC. KCKCC will defer your due date for the tuition and mandatory fees portion of your balance AFTER you certify your classes. Your BAH and book stipend is paid directly to your bank account which you set up when you applied for benefits. You will need to pay KCKCC directly for any fees outside of tuition/mandatory fees such as meal plans, housing charges, transportation fees, etc. which will not be put certified for your VA Education Benefit.

If you are using Chapter 30, Chapter 1606 or Chapter 35 benefits, the VA ONLY pays a monthly stipend directly to you through your bank account which you set up online. It is your responsibility to pay KCKCC for your tuition and fees.

  • It is beneficial for students to have an idea of what courses will be offered for the semester. Familiarize yourself with course times and locations. KCKCC offers courses on Main Campus (KC), at the Technical Education Center (TEC), at the Pioneer Career Center (Leavenworth), and online. This knowledge will prepare you to work with an advisor to develop a schedule that will fit your academic needs.

Meet with an Advisor to explore career and major options at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Connect with an Academic Advisor to get enrolled in classes for the upcoming semester.

To connect with an advisor go here.


  • Join the Student Veterans Organization! Contact the Veteran Center at for more information. The SVO is a registered student organization on campus to support and promote veteran perspective on campus. You can also find information about other clubs and student organizations by clicking here.
  • Like us on Facebook! We post important information for KCKCC and information relevant for Military Affiliated students!
  • Check out the Veteran Center located in Lower Jewel on the main campus! It is a dedicated space to serve military affiliated students at KCKCC! Located in the Veteran Center is the Veteran Certifying Specialist. There is also a dedicated study space and hang-out area.
  • SASS coordinates services for KCKCC students who have a documented disability in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ACT and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Services are provided at no cost to enrolled students on an individual basis and with respect to confidentiality.
  • Students with disabilities should contact SASS as early as possible in order to receive accommodations in a timely manner.