KCKCC’s Veterans Certifying Specialist (VCS) needs assistance to ensure the most accurate and timely information is sent to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs-on the student's behalf.  The following student responsibilities are required of each VA student using benefits for courses taken at KCKCC.

Benefit Decision: It is the responsibility of the student to decide on which benefit is most appropriate for him/her based on individual circumstances.  Our VCS cannot make the decision for the student.  Please visit the VA website for assistance.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE):  Students must submit a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to their Veterans Certifying Specialist to be certified for courses. 

Approved Courses: Students must enroll for courses that are required for the elected degree program.  The Dept. of Veterans Affairs only pays benefits for courses that are needed for the degree program, and that have not been previously or successfully completed.

*Remedial/Developmental Classes cannot be certified to the VA if taking 100% on-line. (remedial/developmental courses consist of MATH 0097, MATH 0099, ENGL 0099)

Federal Financial Aid: If you are using federal aid or have used it previously, please make sure you contact the Financial Aid office for any questions or concerns. Please note that the rate of pursuit may be different for financial aid and VA. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the VCS if they are using financial aid.

Change in Degree: In order to change a degree program, please submit a Change of Degree form with the admissions office. You will then need to send an email to the VCS stating which degree you are changing from, and what degree you are now interested in pursuing. You will also need to complete a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training form (22-1995). This information will be kept in your file.

Enrollment Changes: Federal law requires students to report any change of enrollment status that might affect their education benefits.  It is the student's responsibility to notify the Veteran Certifying Specialist of any change in status-IMMEDIATELY!  This includes adding/changing or withdrawing from a course. Changes should be reported promptly to avoid a delay in payments or possible over payments.

Third Party: If your third-party sponsor (military, employer, governmental agency, etc.) fails to pay KCKCC, you assume responsibility for paying the amount the sponsor originally promised to pay on your behalf.

Submission of Transcripts: Students must submit official transcripts from previously attended colleges & universities to KCKCC. 

Students using CH 31 Vocational Rehabilitation benefits are required to submit a KCKCC unofficial transcript to their VA counselor at the end of each semester. Unofficial transcripts are available through your WebAdvisor.

VA Payments: Questions concerning VA payments must be addressed with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. VCS's cannot access payment information, as they are school representatives and not employees of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Please visit your eBenefits account for assistance or call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

Record Changes: It is the student's responsibility to submit a change of address to the Admissions Office and to also notify the Veteran Certifying Specialist. All correspondence from KCKCC is mailed to the address listed in the student’s WebAdvisor.

Guest Students: Students visiting KCKCC to take classes to transfer back to their home school are required to submit the following documentation:

  • This is the responsibility of the student to obtain from the Veteran Services Department or School Certifying Official at their home school. Certification of courses with Kansas City Kansas Community College will not be completed without the Parent School Letter from the home school.
  • A copy of their certificate of eligibility.
  • Students using Chapters 30, 35 & 1606 will be required to set up a payment plan for total tuition due for, as tuition payments are not paid to the school directly.
  • Students must also follow the prerequisite requirements for courses offered at KCKCC. Submission of an unofficial transcript is required for clearance of prerequisite requirement.

Veterans Benefits Request Form: Every student wishing to use their benefits to pay for classes are required to submit the Veterans Benefits Request Form each semester. No Exceptions!

Part Time vs. Full Time Status: The Dept. of Veteran Affairs determines the rate of pursuit by the number of credits and days/weeks of the semester/session/term/cycle. Students can typically be considered a full-time VA student based on the following criteria (subject to change):

*Students taking only on-line courses will receive 1/2 of the national BAH rate at the E-5 level.
*Students must take at least one on-campus course during the same time frame as the on-line course to receive the BAH rate for the area in which you are assigned.

16 week on-campus courses= 12 credit hours to be full time

Disclaimer: Information is subject to change at any time, and without prior notice. For questions, contact your assigned Veteran Certifying Specialist.