Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Have successfully completed the KC BizFest program;
  • Be eligible for graduation from High School
  • Be Kansas in-state tuition eligible.
  • Persons without lawful immigration status, including students with “Deferred Action Status,” must have signed and filed a “KCKCC HB 2145 Affidavit” form;
  • Have attended an accredited High School for three or more years and;
  • Have either graduated from an accredited High School or earned a GED
If the above requirements are met, to be considered for the scholarship, the student must complete the following before the application deadline:

If the applicant is offered and accepts the scholarship, he/she must:

  • Provide an official post-graduation high school transcript with graduation date
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA enrolled “full-time” (12 credit-hour minimum) or “part-time” (6 credit-hour minimum) to continue on the KCKCC-BizFest scholarship
  • Full-time students will receive $1,300 per semester of study and
  • Part-time students will receive $650 per semester of study
  • Must maintain continuous enrollment (except summers) to be eligible for scholarship.
  • The scholarship will pay for a maximum of 66 credit hours
  • Complete the Associate’s Degree/Technical Certification within five years
  • Pay for any retaken classes due to withdrawals and/or failing grades
  • Be an active member of a KCKCC student organization and/or other approved organizations
  • Be mentored by a current KCKCC-BizFest Scholarship student, an approved internal KCKCC mentor, and/or a KC BizFest Steering Committee member