Nursing Registered Nurse Program

The Nursing department is committed to providing a student - learning environment that encourages and assesses a spirit of inquiry, clinical competence, professional accountability, and effective communication skills for a diverse student population. We believe these attributes will prepare our graduates to the pass the NCLEX - RN®, and to provide and manage safe, cost - effective care to meet client needs. The faculty have developed a conceptual framework utilizing the concepts of client needs, nursing intervention classifications, and nursing outcome classifications. Each course emphasizes growth and development, communication, the nursing process, nutrition and diet therapy, pharmacology, management, and legal and ethical issues.

Program Completion

Program Completion
School Year Number of Admissions Completion Rate within 150% of Program-Percentage Expected Level of Achievement-Percentage Employment Rate 6-12 Months after Graduation as a RN Expected Level of Achievement-Percentage Annual NCLEX First-Time Test Taker Pass rate-Percent Expected Level of Achievement-Percent National Average First-Time Test Taker Pass Rate-Percent National Average First-Time Test Taker Pass Rate-ADN Programs
2016 125 74% 70% 84% 85% 73.27% 80% 84.57% 81.68%
2017 125 77.4% 70% 85% 85% 73.75% 80% 87.11% 84.24%
2018 97 84% to date 70% 90% 85% 77.5% 80% 88.29% 85.11%
2019 48 Pending 70% Pending 85% 79.79% 80% 83.51% 85.17%


Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
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