Our Mission

To provide excellence in nursing education inspiring diverse graduates to demonstrate competence in clinical judgment resulting in quality, evidence-based, client-centered care to enrich the health of our community, one student at a time. 

The RN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and both the RN and LPN programs are approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN). Information concerning the programs as well as the criteria and procedure for admission are found in the brochures on the right side of this page.

You are urged to make an appointment with our advisor so proper guidance may be given in the selection of your courses. 

Carrie Boorem
Academic Advisor for Nursing

The curriculum is rigorous and time consuming as students will attend 15-20 hours of class and clinical time per week. Students should dedicate an additional 15-20 hours each week to study or lab time. As a result, students are advised to limit outside employment to 20 hours or less per week while enrolled in the program.

Nursing can be a physically, intellectually, and emotionally demanding profession. Should you have questions or concerns about the ability to achieve success in any of our course, clinical,  or program objectives or requirements, please contact our nursing office.

You may also contact the  Student Accessibility and Support Services Offices for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions you may have about our program.  We hope you will pursue a nursing career and wish you well on your career choice!

Susan Andersen
Director of Nursing

Kathy Eblen
Assistant Director of Nursing

Applications and Documents


The TEAS® (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a required part of the KCKCC Nursing program application process. The test assesses knowledge in the areas of Reading, English, Math, and Science. Students may go to www.atitesting.com to set up an account, register, and pay to take the TEAS® at KCKCC. There are a maximum of three (3) attempts. Official scores from TEAS® taken at other schools may be accepted; however ATI charges an additional fee of approximately $26 to send the results to us electronically, which is the only way we'll accept them.

The ATI TEAS codes for KCKCC are:

  • RN School code: KS CITY KS CC ADN
  • PN School code: KS CITY KS CC PN


Tiffany Bohm, D.P.T. – Dean of Health Professions   
Susan Andersen - Director of Nursing
Kathy Eblen - Assistant Director of Nursing