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The EMS certificate program is designed to provide a well-rounded curriculum introducing and preparing students for a career in Emergency Medical Services at the entry level. The certificate program composes of three courses, Emergency Medical Responder (5 credits), Emergency Medical Technician (10 credits) and Medical Terminology (1 credit). All three courses must be completed to gain the EMS certificate. Students successfully completing the EMR and EMT courses may challenge the certification exams to gain national and state certification. The EMS certificate prepares students who desire to work in the Emergency Medical Services field, Fire Service, a hospital care technician, safety team or other public emergency service or who intend to enter a paramedic program. As a certificate program, the courses qualify for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Emergency Medical Responder

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course prepares students for the EMT course and to challenge the National Registry written exam and State of Kansas BLS Psychomotor exams leading to national and state certification. Emergency Medical Responders provide immediate on scene care until EMS transport services arrive. This course is ideal for firefighters, law enforcement personnel, athletic trainers, emergency response team members in the industrial setting, and emergency management personnel. Completing the EMR course with a “C” or higher meets pre-requisition requirements for admission into the KCKCC EMT course.

Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course prepares students to challenge the National Registry written exam and the State of Kansas EMT BLS Psychomotor exam leading to national and state certification. Emergency Medical Technicians typically work for EMS and Fire services, provide emergency care and transportation of sick or injured patients; work in a team environment with Paramedics; or work with other health care professionals in the hospital setting. Students must complete the EMR course pre-requisite or obtain a waiver from the director prior to enrolling in the EMT Course.

 Medical Terminology

The Medical Terminology course provides a framework to for students to learn, understand and apply the use of prefixes, suffixes and root words to build a vocabulary for medical personnel. The student will explore how these terms relate to the general anatomy of the body and relate these to medical conditions.