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Officers and Assignments

Officers of the Board


Evelyn Criswell

Brad Isnard
Vice Chair

Greg Mosier, Ed.D.

Shelley Kneuvean, Ed.D.

Peter Gabriel
Freedom of Information Officer

Wyandotte Echo
Official College Newspaper

McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips
Representing Law Firm

2023 Assignments and Committees


Board Policy Committee

Linda Hoskins Sutton, Chair
Rosalyn Brown
Ray Daniels, Ed.D.

Board Audit, Finance & Facilities Committee

Brad Isnard, Chair
Pat Brune
Don Ash

Board Community Engagement Committee

Rosalyn Brown, Chair
Pat Brune
Don Ash

Representatives to College Committees

Executive Committee of the Foundation

Linda Hoskins Sutton
Brad Isnard

College Senate

Ray Daniels, Ed.D.



ACCT + Alternate

Don Ash
Linda Hoskins Sutton

KACCT + Alternate

Don Ash
Linda Hoskins Sutton

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