Board of Trustees Goals

2018-2019 Goals

Board Goals

Board Tasks/Actions to which policy recommendations should be made as needed

1. Monitor student progress and satisfaction.

1.1 Review Kansas Board of Regents Performance Report for KCKCC institutional performance for Increases in the following:

  • first to second year retention rate of first time fulltime college ready students;
  • number of certificates and degrees awarded;
  • percent of students employed or transferred;
  • success rate in non-developmental courses enrolled by students who were successful in developmental courses;
  • number of Hispanic students enrolled at KCKCC; and
  • fall to spring retention of non-college ready students.

1.2 Review results of student satisfaction surveys as they are conducted.

1.3 Receive reports on programs that serve historically underrepresented students.

2. Monitor employee, student and community data.

2.1 Review data to determine the degree to which employee, student and community diversity compare.

2.2 Receive hiring data on ethnic, gender, and age diversity of applicant pools and final hires in management, faculty and staff positions.

3. Develop a positive relationship with incoming president to ensure success for the Board, the president and the college.

3.1  Establish measurable goals for the president, and conduct evaluation based on those goals in a timely fashion.

3.2  Provide leadership and assistance in connecting the new president with the community.

3.3  Work with the president to establish a communication protocol between the Board and president.

3.4  Provide clear direction to the president as a unit not as individuals.

4. Support strategies that ensure the long-term fiscal health and physical maintenance of the college.

4.1  Ensure that allocation of financial and human resources best serves students.

4.2  Ensure a sustainable economic future for the college through policy adoption and monitoring and ongoing review of short and long-range budgets and expenditures.

4.3  Review capital outlay projects and expenditures and the deferred maintenance plan.

4.4  Monitor and provide input to the president on faculty negotiations.

5. Create and maintain a high-functioning Board unit by adhering to principles of effective Boardsmanship.

5.1  Conduct Board self-evaluation.

5.2  Participate in Board work session on ethics and conflicts of interest.

5.3  Conduct Board meetings in a timely and efficient manner.

5.4  Adhere to Trustee Conduct provision in the Trustee Handbook.

6. Provide direction for the development of a strategic plan for the college.

6.1  Work with the President in establishing parameters for the plan.

6.2  Participate in development of the plan as appropriate.

7. Enhance image of the college in the community.

7.1 Ensure development and distribution of annual report from the Board to the community.

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