Board of Trustees Goals
Board Goals

Board Tasks/Actions to which policy recommendations should be made as needed

1. Support KCKCC Strategic Plan Priorities, Goals and Initiatives.

1.1 Monitor strategic plan progress and meeting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

1.2 Monitor progress on HLC related activities that lead the College to eliminate any accreditation deficiencies.

2. Monitor employee, student and community data.

2.1 Review Kansas Board of Regents Performance Report for KCKCC institutional performance for Increases in the following: (See Annual Report –KBOR):

  • first to second year retention rate of first time full-time college ready students;
  • number of certificates and degrees awarded;
  • percent of students employed or transferred;
  • success rate in non-developmental courses enrolled by students who were successful in developmental courses;
  • number/percentage of Hispanic students enrolled at KCKCC; and
  • fall to spring retention of non-college ready students.

2.2 Review results of student satisfaction surveys as they are conducted. - See report – Dr. Meiers – / Institutional Effectiveness.

2.3 Receive reports on programs that historically serve underrepresented students.

3. Monitor employee, student, and community data.

3.1  Review data to determine the degree to which employee, student and community diversity compare.

3.2  Receive data on ethnic, gender, and age diversity of
applicant pools. Receive data on final hires in management,
faculty, and staff positions.

3.3  Actively monitor and support College efforts to further diversity and inclusion initiatives that create an environment that reflects our community.

3.4  Stay informed of the number of students and employees impacted by current public health related trends of concerns.

3.5  Monitor student enrollment trends and related fiscal impacts
on the College and support necessary adjustments to the
College’s Academic Catalog.

3.6  Review results of Employee Surveys.


4. Further develop positive relationship with president to ensure success for the Board, the president, and the college.

4.1  Continue to provide assistance in connecting the president with the community in Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties.

4.2  Provide clear direction to the president as a unit not as individuals.

4.3  Support president to ensure he is enabled to dedicate
sufficient time to accomplish key strategic priorities

5. Support strategies that ensure the long-term fiscal health, safety, and physical maintenance of the college.

5.1  Ensure that allocation of financial and human resources best serves students.

5.2  Ensure a sustainable economic future for the college
through policy adoption and monitoring, ongoing review of
short and long-range budgets and expenditures, and supporting
necessary adjustments to college class portfolio.

5.3  Review capital outlay projects and expenditures and the deferred maintenance plan.

5.4  Monitor and provide input to the president on faculty negotiations.

5.5  Advocate on behalf of the College to maintain appropriate
state and federal funding, grow philanthropic resources, provide
high quality education and support services to the community
while maintaining affordable student tuition.

5.6  Support and monitor planned college expansion initiatives.

5.7  Monitor / track advancement / completion of new college safety plan.

6. Create and maintain a high-functioning Board unit by adhering to principles of effective Boardship.

6.1  Conduct Board self-evaluation.

6.2 Annually, familiarize, update and review Trustee Handbook to include ethics and conflicts of interest.

6.3 Initiate and commit to continued Trustee professional development with expansion of budget and finance training.

6.4 Create and provide a uniform Trustee Candidate and new Trustee orientation and mentorship process.

6.5 Adhere to Trustee Conduct provision in the Trustee Handbook.

7. Enhance image of the college in the community.

7.1 Enhance the College Mission and Vision through strategic advocacy with:

  • local, state and federal government entities;
  • individual community members and community/civic organizations; and
  • philanthropic entities.

7.2 Ensure development and distribution of annual report from the Board to the community.

7.3 Engage and support the work of the KCKCC Foundation.

7.4 Maintain a Community Engagement Plan.