You've accepted the position, now what?

Congratulations on becoming part of the Blue Devil community! You should have received employment confirmation from Human Resources and have a start date. 

If you have any questions about whether you have been selected or general questions about employment, please contact Human Resources office at 913-288-7200.

Before Start Date

Establishing a Password

New employees receive their KCKCC email address in an email from KCKCC Technical Support to their personal email account used to fill out the application for employment. In a separate email, the new employee will receive an initial password. This initial password will be used while signing in for the first time in Self Service to establish a permanent password. 

Upon signing in for the first time, you will be asked for more information to setup Self Service Password Reset using a mobile phone, personal email address, and/or security questions. 

Logging in With User ID 

A few services require users to login with their User ID. Employee User ID is their email without (example: User ID = dvader). However, the password is the same.

User ID required Logins

  • myDotte []
  • Helpdesk []
  • Student WiFi
  • Papercut (printing) []

Multi-factor Authentication

Employees are required to use multi-factor authentication when signing in off campus. It is recommended to use the Microsoft Authenticator App for ease of access, but other options are available such as text or personal email. 

Call the Helpdesk if you are encountering login issues - 913-288-7479, option 3

Self Service is first used to setup your KCKCC login information. It can also be used to access your employee data while you work at KCKCC. You can find your tax documents, update personal information, make purchase requests, submit time entry, update direct deposit information, and more!

To access Self Service from the college website (, Select Quick Links, then Self Service.

These functions are available in Self Service and will have tutorials soon!

  • Update Personal Information
  • ePurchasing
  • Time Entry
  • Tax Documents
  • Direct Deposit

KCKCC uses Microsoft Outlook for email. To access email, you must first establish a login for Self Service. The information used to login to Self Service is the same for accessing email. Your KCKCC Employee email address is sent to your personal email address used to apply for employment upon account creation. To access your email, from the KCKCC website (, select Quick Links, then Email. 

If you have another account that uses Microsoft, and have setup your browser to remember your login information, it may default auto-fill that account. Use the option to sign in with another account to go back to enter your KCKCC email address. 

Find out how to add it to your mobile phone here: 

Email Information and Support

Getting Started

Wi-Fi Name: KCKCC-WiFi

You will use your KCKCC email address as the Identity when logging into Wi-Fi. The password will be your regular KCKCC password. 

If you are using an Android phone (not iPhone), here's some additional information you may need to provide to access Wi-Fi. This also applies to Chromebook devices.

     EAP Method: PEAP
     Phase 2 Auth: MSCHAPV2
     CA Certificate: use system certificates
     Online Certificate Status: do not validate

KCKCC-WiFi Android Phone Instructions

If you are using an iOS device, you must select Trust on the certificate that appears after logging in to complete the connection. This also applies to Mac and personally-owned Windows devices. 

Are you looking for someone in particular or just need to call a department office? Visit the website Directory to find what you are looking for!

To access the directory, from the KCKCC website (, select Quick Links, then Directory. This directory is updated at least once a week and lists employees as well as office contact information. 

Faculty & Staff Directory | KCKCC

myDotte is KCKCC's SharePoint platform that is used to access forms and other department specific information. Login using your User ID and Self Service Password.


KCKCC has several locations available for students to attend classes! 

KCKCC | Campus Map is available to help navigate each college location. Use the grey Floor navigation to switch between floor levels. 

Main Campus

Address: 7250 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66112

This building has room numbers that correspond with their floor-level and hallway location.

Rooms located on the top floor start in the 3000's. The second floor room numbers are in the 2000's. 1000's rooms are located on the bottom floor (Humanities hall only). 

Hallway room numbers are denoted with the 100's. For instance, all Humanities hallway rooms are either 1100's or 2100's.

Dr. Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center

6565 State Ave
Kansas City, KS 66102

Pioneer Career Center

1901 Spruce
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Visit KCKCC | Pioneer Career Center for specific information about offerings through the Leavenworth KS location. 

Visit KCKCC | College Locations for more information and view virtual tours!

KCKCC employees and students have access to Office 365. The license includes the ability to Download Office applications to a personal device to use while working or studying at KCKCC. 

See Office 365 Support for more information

KCKCC uses Print Anywhere, which allows users to submit their print job to be retrieved from any Konica Minolta printer on campus. These printers are the ones you see in the hallways. 

Submit Print Job using Campus Computers

  • Login to a campus computer. PLEASE NOTE: Print jobs are connected by who is logged into the computer. 
  • From the document you wish to print, select Print, then select printer "KONICA_Universal_Mono" (for black and white printing). Then select OK or Print to send the job as you normally would.
  • Locate a printer near you to release the print job.

Submit Print Job using Laptop or Mobile Device

  • Go to
  • Login using your KCKCC User ID and Self-Service Password
  • Select Web Print
  • Select Submit a Job
  • Choose printer KONICA_Universal_Mono (for black and white printing)
  • Click Print Options and Account Selection
  • Select Upload Documents
  • Choose Upload from computer or Drag files here
  • Click Upload and Complete
  • Proceed to How to Release a Print Job

How to Release a Print Job

  • Press Start to wake the machine.
  • Enter your ID number or KCKCC email and Password, then select Login.
  • Select Release.
  • Select Job from list to print or select all, then select Start .
  • A message will appear and the job will begin to print "Print job status: the select job(s) have been queued to print".

If you encounter any issues with printing on campus, call the helpdesk at 913-288-7479, option #3

KCKCC employees have access to many training options to further promote professional development. 

Microsoft Office and General Computer Use

Pat Kelly, Academic Support Coordinator 

Professional Development

Sheila JosephTalent Development Manager 

Center for Teaching Excellence

Tom Grady, Faculty Director of CTE

Center for Teaching Excellence   
Faculty Professional Development Opportunities 2022 - 2023


As an employee of KCKCC, you have access to OneDrive which gives the ability to store, sync, and share files in the cloud. Sign into OneDrive using your KCKCC email and password.

 Accessing OneDrive on College Computers

If you are using a Windows computer on campus, you can directly access to your OneDrive by using File Explorer. Use the navigation pane to look for “OneDrive: Kansas City Kansas Community College”. You can create folders here as well to keep your files organized.

Saving to OneDrive from College Computers

When saving the file, browse to OneDrive- Kansas City Kansas Community College, name the file, then select Save. This will save your file to OneDrive.

Accessing OneDrive Online

            Navigate to Office 365 online –

            Login using your KCKCC Email and Password.

Select the App launcher Icon

            Select OneDrive  (if not available, select All Apps -> to view all available Office 365 apps)

Department Network Drives

Additionally, some KCKCC Employees have access to a Department Network Drive which allows for departmental file sharing. Ask your supervisor if your team utilizes Department Network Drives.

Accessing Network Drives While on College Grounds

Open File Explorer on a college computer (using college network). Locate the department Network Drive under “This PC” (usually towards the bottom of the list). NOTE: Some departments do not require use of a Network Drive.

 If you have any questions or concerns about using OneDrive or accessing Network Drives, please contact the helpdesk at 913-288-7479, option #3.

To Begin Scanning 

  • Approach any Konica Minolta printer on campus. These printers are the ones you see in the hallways.
  • Press Start to wake the machine.
  • Enter your User ID or KCKCC email and Password, then select Login.

How to Scan Documents to a Thumb Drive

  • Place the document to be scanned on the glass (1 page) or in the automatic feeder on top
  • Insert thumb drive in slot on right side of printer
  • Select Scan/Fax
  • Select Save Document to an external device
  • if you would like to rename the file, touch black box that contains file name
    • clear file name box by pressing delete
    • type the file name
    • Press OK
  • Press Start
  • When screen is clear, remove documents
  • Remove thumb drive

How to Scan Documents to Email

  • Place the document to be scanned on the glass (1 page) or in the automatic feeder on top
  • Select Scan/Fax
  • Select Me to scan to your email
    • Alternatively, Select Direct Input > Email > then enter email
  • Review Settings - 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Press Start

KCKCC has a helpdesk ticketing system that can be used to submit tickets for a wide variety of issues ranging from technical to custodial requests. 

To access the helpdesk, navigate to Use your User ID and KCKCC password to login. 

Tickets can be created on the helpdesk for College Police, Central Scheduling, Facility Services, Information Services (Technical Support), Institutional Effectiveness, Marketing, Media, Online Education (Blackboard), Print Shop, Vehicle Requests and Web Services. 

If there's any questions about where to submit your request, please call at 913-288-7479, option #3.

KCKCC uses Microsoft Teams to help employees stay in communication. Teams can be used to instant message, easily share group information, and create online meetings. 

If you have any questions about how to use Teams, contact Academic Support Coordinator Pat Kelly at 913-288-7547 or 

KCKCC provides employees with a desk phone and extension, which is requested via the helpdesk by a supervisor upon hire. 


KCKCC has 4 digit extensions for employees. When dialing from a campus phone, you can just enter the 4 digit extension you are trying to reach. When dialing from outside, the number is preceded by 913-288-XXXX. For example, if your extension is 1234, outside callers would dial 913-288-1234 to reach you. 


Upon receiving a phone extension, voicemail will need to be setup. An email confirmation is sent to your employee email with instructions how to setup your voicemail. Afterward, you will receive an email receipt of the voicemails left on your extension. 

If you experience any issues with the desktop phones or voicemail, contact the helpdesk at 913-288-7479, option #3 or Submit a Ticket to Information Services.