ALHT - Allied Health

ALHT0104 - Nursing Assistant
ALHT0105 - Certified Nurse Aide Refresher Course
ALHT0106 - Certified Medication Aide
ALHT0107 - Certified Medication Aide Update
ALHT0108 - Home Health Aide
ALHT0109 - Health Careers Today
ALHT0110 - Drugs and Dosages I
ALHT0111 - Drugs and Dosages II
ALHT0114 - Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR
ALHT0115 - First Aid
ALHT0116 - General Pharmacology
ALHT0120 - Medical Terminology
ALHT0126 - Medical Terminology
ALHT0127 - Medical Terminology
ALHT0160 - Sleep Studies
ALHT0250 - Sports Safety
ALHT0286 - Asthma Disease Management
ALHT0290 - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
ALHT0291 - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
ALHT0294 - Neonatal Resuscitation
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