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Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education Program


Hira Nair, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
Professor, Psychology and Elementary and Secondary Education
Office RM 2210

Welcome to the Teacher Education Program at Kansas City Kansas Community College, where aspiring educators embark on a transformative journey towards shaping young minds. Our program is committed to providing comprehensive hands-on training that prepares future teachers to make a positive impact in the classrooms and communities they serve.

We are dedicated to cultivating the next generation of educators who are not only knowledgeable in the subject matter, but also possess the passion, social competencies and skills needed to inspire and guide their students. Our mission is to empower future teachers to excel in diverse educational settings through a dynamic and student-focused teacher education program.

Whether you are a qualified high school student, first-time college student, student with some college credits, or mid-career student returning to college, we pride ourselves in customizing your program.

Our dedicated, experienced, and supportive faculty are committed to the success of the students in the teacher education program. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention, mentorship, and guidance throughout the program. Our faculty members bring a wealth of practical experiences, academic credentials, ensuring that our students are well prepared for the challenges of the teaching profession.

Beyond the classroom, we offer a range of professional development opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of our teacher education students, including:

Workshops and Symposiums

Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in education.

Collaborative Projects

Engage I collaborative projects with fellow students and educators.

Network with 4-year Institutions

Connect with 4-year partners to understand transfer and articulation.

Our modern facilities provide an optimal learning environment for aspiring educators. From well-equipped classrooms to cutting-edge technology resources, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation.

At KCKCC we believe in the importance of community engagement. Our teacher education students actively participate in community outreach programs, observations and engaged conversations with local school personnel, allowing them to observe professionals in real-world settings.

Join us at KCKCC and become part of this vibrant community of future educators. Together we will inspire the next generation and shape the future of education. Your journey starts here.

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