The decision to take a class online should be carefully considered before enrolling. It is true that online courses allow students flexibility. While you can access your class at a time that works with your schedule, classes are generally not self-paced and have specific deadlines. No matter where you go or what time of day you wish to view course material, your class content is available 24/7. This is a wonderful advantage for those with full time jobs, families, transportation problems, or special needs. However advantageous online courses appear to be, please consider the following:

Online courses require time management skills. The student must log in regularly (3 or more times per week) and be prepared to read a great deal of information. Expect to spend 6 or more hours weekly on each online course, depending on the length of the course.

Most online courses at KCKCC are not self-paced; they have definite start and stop dates, with assignments due weekly.

Students are expected to spend time reading, visiting websites, and posting comments.

Occasionally, problems with technology may impair these activities. When problems occur, it is important to quickly contact the technical support staff. Generally, problems can be solved quickly and deadlines can be met.

Successful online students are typically highly motivated, disciplined, and patient. Students must have consistent and reliable Internet access. KCKCC provides open labs for students wishing to work on campus.

Each course carries an access fee of $7.00.  There may be additional fees depending upon the course and section. 

Course Types

KCKCC offers a variety of course types.  Please be aware of each as you register for courses. 

Online Courses

Online courses, generally, do not meet in a classroom and are available 24/7 in the college learning management system.  However depending upon the content and instructor students may be required periodic face to face testing, labs, or performance purposes.  Please contact the appropriate division or instructor for this information.  

Web-enhanced courses

Web-enhanced courses meet on campus in a traditional timeframe, of which certain elements are available within the learning management system. 

Blended courses

Blended courses combine elements of both face to face courses and online courses.  Students meet periodically in the Blended course model and complete a wide variety of task and assignments in the online environment.

Face to Face courses

Face to face courses meet at scheduled dates and times for the duration of the designated semester.  Face to face course instructors may choose to use the college learning management system for activities such as document access,  paper and project collection, and grade distribution.  This decision is at the discretion of the instructor.

ACO Most Affordable

Kansas City Community College has been named one of the nation’s Most Affordable Two-Year Colleges for 2016 by (ACO), a leader in higher education information, resources and rankings. The school earned the 11th position on the new list, which ACO generated by analyzing cost and quality metrics of thousands of U.S. colleges with online degree programs.