Our Philosophy

The e-journal is another milestone in exploring a scholarly community at the KCKCC. As a sequel, therefore, our editorial philosophy speaks to the spirit of community building, as a vision for the 21st century.

Our Community

Our core value of making life better positions our great journal as a pacesetter in learning and teaching. As used in this e-journal, the term community is defined not only as a locality to be served, but also as a climate to be created and nurtured.

Our Future

According to the report of the Commission on the Future of Community Colleges, the network of community, technical and junior colleges have become the largest single sector of higher education in the United States today. The central mission of these colleges is uniquely that of building communities, hence the urgent need for educators and employers to remain actively engaged in scholarly research and writing for the promotion of community vitality and spirit.

Our Community Spirit

In establishing the e-journal, the KCKCC reaffirms its commitment to community spirit through educational excellence. E-Journals have become indispensable tools in shaping knowledge and ideas in the 21st century. “Community colleges have an urgent obligation to keep students informed about people and cultures other than their own,” according to the Commission’s report. Consequently, the exchange of scholarly ideas and knowledge must not only be local and national, but also international. In a post-9-11 world order, parochialism is not an option, hence, the import and timeliness of the KCKCC e-Journal.