Class Information

Planning Class Schedules

When planning class schedules, students should keep in mind their vocational goals, graduation requirements at KCKCC, and graduation requirements at four-year institutions. Students who intend to continue their studies beyond the community college level should select their courses to meet the requirements of the department and institution from which they expect to receive their degree.

All KCKCC degree-seeking students are required to complete 6 credit hours in English Composition (in some programs Technical Writing is a substitute for three of these hours) and 3 credit hours in public speaking. Proper prerequisites for courses must be observed except when they have been waived by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

In addition, students should take into consideration their jobs and family responsibilities when planning their schedules so that they can allow for adequate library and study time.

Adding Classes

Currently enrolled students may add a class during the schedule adjustment period. Tuition and fees will be added to the student account. Students are responsible for contacting their instructor as soon as a course is added to obtain a syllabus and discuss any missed course instruction.

Deleted and Dropped Classes

Courses may be deleted or dropped during the designated periods by submitting the request in writing, or by performing the action online through WebAdvisor. When a class is deleted before the semester begins, all tuition and fees are deleted and there is no record of the enrollment on the official KCKCC transcript. When a course is dropped, students receive a partial refund, and there is no record of the enrollment on the official KCKCC transcript. All appeals to the stated policy must be directed to the Dean of Enrollment Management.

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