Should fire or smoke be discovered, the KCKCC Police should be notified immediately by dialing the direct emergency phone number, 288-7636 (Ext. 7636 from internal campus phone), or by use of one of the emergency phones located through-out the campus, or by dialing "0" for the Switchboard Operator. KCKCC Police should be notified of:

  • Location of the fire
  • Extent of the fire

Activate the nearest fire alarm by pulling the switch on the wall-mounted unit.

If time and conditions permit, use a fire extinguisher or hose to combat the fire.

If the fire is beyond control or endangers your safety, leave the building immediately.

Responsibility of Faculty, Staff, and Students

Upon hearing a fire alarm (fluctuating warble siren) all persons should evacuate the area.

Respond to the nearest exit and: During good weather, exit the building during inclement weather, remain just inside the building near the exit doorway.

Use the nearest stairwell to go from one building level to another; do not use the elevator.

The last person leaving a room should close the door behind them.

Students Responsibility of KCKCC Police

1. If notified of the location of the fire, officers should respond and: determine if the fire can be extinguished by use of a fire extinguisher or hose.

determine if the fire department should be called to respond.

ensure that all persons have been evacuated from the area.

2. If not notified of the location of the fire: 
The KCKCC Police Secretary/Dispatcher should call the Switchboard Operator to determine from the fire alarm panel in which building the alarm was activated.

If the Switchboard Operator is not on duty, an officer should respond to make the determination.

The KCKCC Police Secretary/Dispatcher or an officer should call Buildings and Grounds personnel notifying them of the alarm and request assistance in locating the fire or the source of the alarm activation.

All KCKCC Police officers and Student Patrols should respond to the building where the alarm was activated to check for fire or smoke and to locate the fire alarm that was activated.

If a fire is discovered: determine if the fire can be extinguished using a fire extinguisher or hose. KCKCC Police will determine if the fire department should be contacted. After a fire is extinguished and the building is deemed safe, or if no fire is discovered:

  1. notify all persons that it is safe to reenter the building.
  2. Buildings and Grounds personnel should re-set the fire alarm.