Smoke and Tobacco - Free Campus Policy

Kansas City Kansas Community College (“College” or “KCKCC”) prohibits smoking and the use of all forms of tobacco products and/or electronic cigarettes on College property. The term 'smoking' means any inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, clove, bidis, kreteks, cigarillos, hookahs, or any other tobacco product in any manner or form.

The use of all forms of chewing tobacco and snuff are prohibited at all times on a KCKCC campus, including in all KCKCC buildings, parking lots, hotel rooms provided by the College, college vehicles, residence halls and their grounds, clinics, laboratories, classrooms, private offices, balconies, plazas, vestibules, loading docks, and on any other college property, as well as within close proximity to or causing the obstruction of any building entrance, covered walkway or ventilation system. This policy applies to all employees, students, college affiliates, contractors and visitors and is applicable twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week when such persons are acting within the scope of their employment or otherwise representing the College.

KCKCC prohibits any advertising or sale, or free sampling of tobacco products and/or electronic cigarettes on College property. Littering college property with the remains of tobacco products or any other related waste product is prohibited.

Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to comply with the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act (KSA 21-6109 through 21-6116) and to assist in the creation of a healthful and comfortable environment for students, faculty, administrators, staff or visitors and any other members of the Kansas City Kansas Community College ("KCKCC") community.

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