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Themes and Strategies

Based on the collective work of the SEM Council, the KCKCC SEM Plan is presented around five key themes.

The SEM Council identified over 100 potential strategies to support the themes. The Council recommends elevating several strategies for broader consideration and resource allocation. 

The strategies listed below in bold were identified by the SEM Council as the most critical to initially prioritize.

Enhance and Grow the Enrollment Funnel

  • Create a student-facing website for recruitment that is integrated with the Admissions CRM.
  • Simplify and streamline the admissions application process.
  • Develop a best-in-class campus visit program
  • Expand more alternative course modalities and micro-credentials to meet student and employer demands.
  • Increase the conversion of workforce and GED students to academic programs.
  • Actively promote and identify signature academic and workforce programs as partners of choice in the Kansas City metropolitan region.

Improve Student Persistence and Completion

  • Develop a robust new student orientation and onboarding process.
  • Develop a guided pathways advising framework for the entire College.
  • Improve and expand student early alert services under a case management approach.
  • Enhance developmental education and tutoring services.

Leverage Financial Assistance to Improve Student Outcomes and Fiscal Health

  • Develop new scholarship programs that reduce student costs and debt to drive enrollment.
  • Establish a student financial wellness engagement and communication plan.
  • Establish an athletics scholarship policy.
  • Establish a performance/activities-based scholarship policy.
  • Streamline the financial aid application process.

Develop and Enhance KCKCC SEM Processes and Policies

  • Develop and sustain an annual recruitment plan.
  • Develop better entry tracking to identify student intent when entering KCKCC.
  • Champion a college-wide data governance framework to support data-driven decision making.
  • Improve and expand timely transfer credit processing.
  • Leverage withdrawal reason history for planning purposes.
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