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SEM Council

The SEM Implementation team members meet once a month to review progress and the plan moving forward. 

Council members can visit the SEM Implementation SharePoint site for additional insight.

  • Chris Meiers, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Amanda Williams, Ph.D., Director of Learning Commons
  • Barbara Biggs, Staff Senate Representative
  • Brady Beckman, Director of Student Success and Retention
  • Brett Lagerblade, Assistant Director of Student Success and Retention
  • Cecelia Brewer, Dean of Academic Support and Assessment
  • Cleon Wiggins, Dean of Social Behavioral Sciences and Public Services
  • Darren Elliott, Professor and Speech Coordinator
  • Donald Smith, Ph.D., Dean of Career and Technical Education
  • Donna Bohn, Ph.D., Dean of Arts, Communications, and Humanities
  • Edward Kremer, Ph.D., Dean of Math, Science, and Business Technology
  • Fabiola Riobé, Ed.D., Vice President of Educational Innovation & Global Programming
  • Gena L. Ross, Ph.D., Director of Student Support for Program Success
  • Jerry Pope, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Wade Able, Director of Military & Veterans Center
  • Kristy Green, Chief Marketing and Institutional Image Officer
  • Lauren Martin, Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Lesley Strohschein, Controller
  • Linda Warner, Director of Counseling & Advocacy
  • Marcia Irvine, Director of Pioneer Career Center
  • Mark Nelson, Director of Student Engagement
  • Nicole Wilburn, Director of Student Residence Life
  • Peter Gabriel, Chief Information Officer
  • Sam Landau, Enrollment Management Information Systems Coordinator (Staff Senate Rep)
  • Scott Balog, Ed.D., Executive Vice President
  • Shawn Derritt, Ed.D., Dean of Student Services
  • Sheridan Smith, Administrative Assistant of Facility Services
  • Stacy Tucker, Ph.D., Service Learning/Phi Theta Kappa Honors Education
  • Stephen Nettles, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Tammy Reece, Director of Student Financial Aid
  • Teressa Hill, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Theresa Holliday, Registrar
  • Tiffany Bohm, PT, Ed.D., DPT, Dean of Health Professions
  • Valerie Mendoza, First-Generation Advisor
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