Below is a list of KCKCC courses that are a part of the Kansas Board of Regents' Systemwide Transfer courses. These courses are guaranteed to transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.

A student who completes these courses at any Kansas public community college, technical college or university can be certain that they can transfer that course to any other public institution in Kansas in pursuit of a degree or credential.

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents' Transfer and Articulation webpage for addition information.

Course Transfer Listing (Last Updated on Nov. 2, 2021)
Course ID & Hours Course Title
BUSN0101 (3 Hours) AND BUSN0102 (3 Hours) Accounting I & Accounting Ii
BUSN0203 (3 Hours) Managerial Accounting
ANTH0101 (3 Hours) Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ARTS0101 (3 Hours) Art Appreciation
ARTS0102 (3 Hours) Art History I: Prehistoric-Medieval
ARTS0103 (3 Hours) Art History II: Renaissance-Contemporary
ARTS0111 (3 Hours) Drawing I
DIGI0131 (3 Hours) Two Dimensional Design I
BIOL0121 (5 Hours) General Biology
BIOL0135 (4 Hours) Principles Of Cell And Molecular Biology
BIOL0225 (5 Hours) Diversity Of Organisms
BIOL0131 (3 Hours) AND BIOL0132 (2 Hours) Environmental Science & Environmental Science Lab
BIOL0132 (1 Hour) Environmental Science Lab
BIOL0143 (5 Hours) Human Anatomy And Physiology
BIOL0141 (4 Hours) AND BIOL0271 (3 Hours) AND BIOL0272 (1 Hour) Human Anatomy And Laboratory & Physiology & Physiology Laboratory
BUSN0105 (3 Hours) Personal Finance
BUSN0210 (3 Hours) Introduction To Business
BUSN0113 (3 Hours) Marketing
HONR0202 (3 Hours) Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies
BUSN0286 (3 Hours) Principles Of Management
CHEM0111 (5 Hours) College Chemistry I And Lab
CHEM0112 (5 Hours) College Chemistry II And Lab
CHEM0109 (5 Hours) General Chemistry
SPCH0151 (3 Hours) Public Speaking
SPCH0201 (3 Hours) Interpersonal Communication
JOUR0175 (3 Hours) Introduction To Mass Communications
CIST0101 (3 Hours) Computer Concepts And Applications
CRJS0101 (3 Hours) Introduction To Criminal Justice
CRJS0203 (3 Hours) Criminal Law
CHLD0100 (3 Hours) Fundamentals Of Early Care Education
ECON0202 (3 Hours) Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON0201 (3 Hours) Principles Of Macroeconomics
EDUC0160 (3 Hours) Introduction To Teaching Career Awareness
ENGL0107 (3 Hours) Childrens Literature
ENGL0101 (3 Hours) Composition I
ENGL0102 (3 Hours) Composition II
ENGL0104 (3 Hours) Introduction To Literature
ENGL0210 (3 Hours) Early American Literature
ENGL0211 (3 Hours) Modern American Literature
ENGL0204 (3 Hours) Creative Writing
LANG0101 (5 Hours) French I
LANG0102 (5 Hours) French II
HUMN0150 (3 Hours) Introduction To Women'S Studies
GEOG0101 (3 Hours) Introduction To Cultural Geography
BIOL0145 (3 Hours) Nutrition
EXSC0205 (3 Hours) Personal School Community Health
ALHT0120 (1 Hour) AND ALHT0126 (2 Hours) Medical Terminology & Medical Terminology
EXSC0115 (2 Hours) First Aid
EXSC0201 (3 Hours) Introduction To  Exercise Science
HIST0104 (3 Hours) United States To 1877
HIST0105 (3 Hours) United States Since 1877
HIST0115 (3 Hours) World Civilization I
HIST0205 (3 Hours) Western Civilization II
HIST0116 (3 Hours) World Civilization II
MATH0104 (3 Hours) Intermediate Algebra
MATH0105 (3 Hours) College Algebra
MATH0106 (3 Hours) College Algebra
MATH0105 (5 Hours) College Algebra With Review
MATH0115 (3 Hours) Statistics
MATH0112 (3 Hours) Trigonometry
MATH0111 (3 Hours) Contemporary Math
MATH0120 (3 Hours) AND MATH0121 (3 Hours) Calculus I & Calculus II
MATH0122 (5 Hours) Calculus And Analytic Geometry I
MUSC0101 (3 Hours) Music Appreciation
MUSC0111 (4 Hours) Music Theory I
MUSC0112 (4 Hours) Music Theory II
MUSC0151 (1 Hour) Piano Class
MUSC0152 (1 Hour) Piano Class
PHIL0103 (3 Hours) Introduction To Philosophy
PHIL0206 (3 Hours) Ethics
PHIL0105 (3 Hours) Logic
NASC0103 (5 Hours) General Physical Science
NASC0186 (4 Hours) Physical Geology And Lab
NASC0185 (3 Hours) Physical Geology
NASC0175 (4 Hours) Introduction To Meteorology & Lab
NASC0231 (5 Hours) General Physics I
NASC0107 (3 Hours) AND NASC0108 (1 Hour) Introduction To Astronomy & Introduction To Astronomy Lab
NASC0245 (5 Hours) Engineering Physics I
NASC0232 (5 Hours) General Physics II
NASC0246 (5 Hours) Engineering Physics II
POSC0101 (3 Hours) Introduction To Political Science
POSC0111 (3 Hours) American Government
POSC0102 (3 Hours) International Relations/Foreign Policy
PSYC0101 (3 Hours) Psychology
PSYC0203 (3 Hours) Human Development
PSYC0202 (3 Hours) Child Development
HUMN0207 (3 Hours) Comparative World Religions
SOSC0107 (3 Hours) Sociology
SOSC0210 (3 Hours) Introduction To Social Work
SOSC0209 (3 Hours) Social Problems
SOSC0108 (3 Hours) Sociology Of The Family
LANG0141 (5 Hours) Spanish I
LANG0142 (5 Hours) Spanish II
LANG0243 (3 Hours) Spanish III
THTR0101 (3 Hours) Theater Appreciation
THTR0115 (3 Hours) Acting I
THTR0150 (3 Hours) Stagecraft
THTR0151 (1 Hour) Technical Theatre Practicum
THTR0222 (3 Hours) Voice & Diction
THTR0215 (3 Hours) Acting II