Clubs, Organizations, and Special Interest Groups

African American Student Union (TAASU)
The African American Student Union was formed to give African American students and other interested individuals an opportunity to develop programs and activities that display the contributions made by African Americans in our society. TAASU sponsors Black History Month events each February as well as the Silver Harvest Banquet and a Spring Talent Show.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW)
AAUW provides advancement equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.  The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. Since our founding in 1881, AAUW members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political.  AAUW has been empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881. For more than 130 years, we have worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families. 

Athletic Activities
KCKCC is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Kansas Jayhawk Conference. The value of a well-administered athletic program is a significant consideration in all athletic endeavors at the College.

Athletes must maintain the same academic standards required of all students and are eligible for financial aid and/or scholarships. In order to participate in athletics, students must be admitted to the College, enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours, and demonstrate academic progress towards graduation.

The athletic program at KCKCC consists of competitive varsity sports and physical education courses. Collegiate varsity sports are soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, golf, softball, and baseball. Intercollegiate athletes compete in the Jayhawk Conference.

The intramural program is designed to give students who do not participate in varsity sports an opportunity to compete.  Intramural activities are organized in answer to student demand.  All physical education courses are designed to provide a wide range of activities and an understanding of the theory underlying each activity.

Audio Engineering Student Society
The Audio Engineering Student Society, also the KCKCC Student Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), is open to current students enrolled in audio engineering or music technology classes at KCKCC at some point during their studies. Members must also be a student member of the AES. Examples of activities organized by the Society include field trips to local audio industry-related businesses and venues; bringing guest speakers to campus; passing on information about upcoming opportunities and industry events; encouraging student participation in industry conferences and conventions; and providing a forum for discussion, interaction, and networking outside of the classroom. 

Blue Crew
The KCKCC Blue Crew is to facilitate faculty, staff, and student engagement outside the classroom. KCKCC Blue Crew supports all students in their extra-curricular activities by communicating event information to students, faculty and staff and helping to increase attendance in support of our student body.  Students who participate in the KCKCC Blue Crew will develop new friends, have fun, and create great college memories!  The benefits of being part of the KCKCC Blue crew are free entry to campus events, meet new people, win prizes, win cash drawings, participate at game activities, concession discounts, FREE Blue Crew Shirt and more!!!

Campus Forum
The Campus Forum is a student group which organizes programs on contemporary issues. Forums invite authorities or experts from the metropolitan, state, or national scene to discuss issues of general interest to students. Interested students are needed to assist in planning the forums and should contact Penny Mahon at 913-288-7285.

 Candlelighting Program
The Candlelighting Program is the oldest continuous tradition at the College and is one of the most beautiful and impressive events of the year. Contributions taken during the candle lighting ceremony are donated to the KCKCC Endowment Association for student scholarships. The program is held in December and is open to everyone in the community.

Catholic Students of Kansas City Kansas Community College Club
The Catholic Students of Kansas City Kansas Community College is a group whose primary purpose is five-fold which is to provide a forum for Catholic Students attending KCKCC to share their faith as is articulated within the Catechism of the Catholic Church, offer a means for students who are Catholics but are from outside the Kansas City Metro Area to connect with other Catholic Faith Communities within the area, provide a forum for Catholic and Non-Catholic students to intellectually engage each other in contemporary social and moral issues, serve as a support group for students, both Catholics and Non-Catholics, who are both from and not from the Kansas City Metro Area, and assist the Department of Students Activities in whatever manner the Director and Student Senate may deem necessary. 

Christian Student Union/Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
The Christian Student Union is a non-denominational group of students desiring to study and know more about what the Bible has to say about today's world.

Anyone who is a believer in Christ or who would like to know more about Him is welcome. Guest speakers and movies provide helpful insights into the study of the Bible. The group meets each week to read and study the Word of God.

College Transfer Club
The College Transfer Club is an organization for students whose plans are to transfer to from community college to a four-year institution. One of the many purposes of the College Transfer Club is to provide a smooth transfer process, provide students with an opportunity to navigate the educational, financial, and social options that are available for students. There are many benefits of participating in the College Transfer Club, such as taking college tours, attending transfer fairs, meet one on one with college leaders and staff, develop a transfer plan, etc... While some of the reasons are essential in helping students to choose a college, other reasons are beneficial to the social and personal development of the student, such as peer support, networking, up-to-date information about various colleges, communications skills, leadership skills, memorable opportunities, and exposure to a variety of four-year higher education institutions.

Drama Club
The mission of the Drama Club is to give leadership, creative, and management experiences to theatre students and to produce quality theatre with original, experimental, and socially significant plays. With the help of the faculty advisor and encouragement from the Theatre Department, students work in every phase of the operation, from directing to running a technical crew, designing costumes to ushering, from choosing the season to publishing and performing in it. Interested students should contact Dr. Charles Leader, Coordinator of the Theatre Department, at 913-288-7106.

Early Childhood Professionals
The Early Childhood Professionals was formed to provide students an opportunity for professional growth and development and networking with early care and education advocates for quality education and care for children and families. 

Economics Club
The KCKCC Economics Club was formed to provide our students and the community with a forum for the discussion of pertinent international, national and local/community economic issues. It strives to provide an informal environment for students and the faculty to exchange ideas and to encourage community involvement as an integral part of their education. By becoming a link between KCKCC and the larger community, the club, in consultation with the private, public and social sectors attempts to bring to the four areas of concerns in community economic development, political participation, and community resource mapping.

Enactus (SIFE)
Active on more than 1200 campus in the United States, SIFE provides college students the best opportunity to make a difference and to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. Sponsor: Allen Lenoir, Business Faculty Advisor, 913-288-7154. Meeting dates and times: Every Tuesday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Room 2707. 

Fringe Benefits of Education (FBOE)
Fringe Benefits of Education was founded in 2008, FBOE is a mentoring program that offers a circle of support for men & women between the ages of 17 and 24 to overcome barriers that cause hopelessness and disconnect from their dreams.  Participation is open to young men & Women who are on the fringe of transition, dropping out, losing hope of being successful, seeking employable skills, having a hard time transitioning, looking for ways to connect with community resources and wanting a better chance of beating the odds. Each participant will develop goal making skills, build lifelong friendships, networking opportunities, tutoring, and more.  FBOE meets every Thursday (all year round) from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm at KCKCC. 

Forensics Club
The Forensics Club is for students interested in competitive speech and competitive speech tournaments. The club is made up of team members who travel to tournaments representing KCKCC. The club also holds various High School activities, including the State Forensics Festival governed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. Club members have the opportunity to participate in many campus events as part of a recognized Student Government Organization. All students are welcome to join.

Gamer Club
The Gamer Club provides students with the opportunity to build friendships with other students who like to play board games, card games, video games, etc.. Students can attend gamer meetings to learn and discuss new strategies and tactics, explore new games, and build gaming skills.  The Gamer Club involves students from friendly matches to on campus competitions.

International Student Organization
The International Student Organization gives international students from abroad and in the community the opportunity to develop an understanding of the American culture and its people as well as the chance to share their culture with the community. The ISO promotes social interaction and participation of its members in a variety of educational and cultural events both on and off campus. Interested students should contact voice mail: 913-288-7625 or the ESL Coordinator in the Science Building, Room 3413.

KCKCC Parent Council
The mission of the KCKCC Parent Council is to provide parents and family members an opportunity to play an active role in the education of their college student. The KCKCC Parent Council fosters communication between the College and current parents in order to provide an enriching undergraduate college experience for both students and their parents. There is no cost to become a Parent Council member. 

Submit the online Parent Council form 

Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV)
Men Against Sexual Violence is to promote recognition that men share a common interest based on gender; place an emphasis on the thoughts, beliefs and actions that constitute healthy masculinity, which include that men are not bound by traditional gender stereotypes; and the critical role that men must play in serving as effective bystanders to stop sexual harassment and sexual violence of all gender identities, and save as advocates for victims of such acts.

Music Club
The Music Club is open to all students interested in music and music education.  The club furnishes both educational and social activities for its members, provides members with up-to-date professional information, and visits other colleges and universities.  Members also gain musical experience from participating in regional and national trips.  Interested students should contact John Stafford, Room 2171, upper level of the Humanities and Fine Arts Building.

Naturally Designed
Naturally Designed provides students the opportunity to utilize our natural environment by growing, investing, and educating ourselves and others in an use organic/natural way, but is not limited to producing organic products, making healthy recipes, for consumption and/or daily.

Out, Questioning and Straight Diversity Club
The Out, Questioning, and Straight Diversity Club, also known as the OQS Diversity Club, is a gay-straight student alliance. The club works to meet the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students, providing support and encouragement to the LGBT community. They work to build bridges among students of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. They promote education on issues affecting all students, including harassment, discrimination, and bias. And they organize charitable events and host social activities.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society for two-year colleges acknowledges students for their efforts in the hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, and service to the community. KCKCC's Mu Delta Chapter students have been ranked by Phi Theta Kappa in the top 25 colleges internationally. Each year, Phi Theta Kappa students work on projects to present at regional and international conferences.

Ralph Bunche Society
"Citizen Diplomats working for world peace.”

Our Campaign builds on Phelps Stokes' power of BIG IDEAS in promoting the legacy of Prof. Ralph J. Bunche, UN Diplomat; Nobel Peace Prize Winner; Human Rights Advocate, and Founder- UN Peacekeeping Mission.

About Us - The RBS-Kansas City Kansas Community College Chapter is the first Ralph Bunche Society to be established within a community college in the United States. Our chapter was established on May 05, 2010. Our student members participate  in  Model UN, AU, NATO, OAS simulations and conflict resolution conferences in NY, Washington D.C. and nationwide. Call and join us.  Contact: Dr. Ewa Unoke - 913-288-7318

Sigma Phi Sigma
The Lambda Chapter of Sigma Phi Sigma is a national fraternity for Mortuary Science majors. Designed to promote professionalism, friendship, social activities, and scholastic achievement, this co-educational student-run organization is responsible for social activities, field trips, and community functions for its members. Interested students should contact Wiley Wright on the lower level of the Flint Building. 

Spirit Squad
The Kansas City Kansas Community College Spirit Squad is a co-ed cheer program which is designed to promote school spirit & pride by leading students into engaging activities at the games and on campus. Spirit Squad members will have the opportunity to participate at various home and away athletic games, meet new people, develop cheer skills, leadership skills and more!  Tryouts are held every May and August. 

Student Art Society
The club is open to all who are interested in arts in our community. The club visits local and regional art centers and participates in community outreach programs of the college. Current students and alumni have an opportunity to exhibit in the Follow the Dot Exhibitions and display art work at the local library.

 Our meetings consist of viewing films concerning art and current issues that are addressed by the contemporary artist. The club goal is to serve the KCKCC student and broaden an understanding of the vitality of art in the world and in our community and to expand the opportunities to view and create art.

Students for Global Peace
The mission of Students for Global Peace is to promote a more peaceful, safer, and violence-free learning community and to further advocate for the ideals of diversity and social justice. Contact: Dr. Ewa Unoke  913-288-7318 

Student Debate Association
Student Debate Association (SDA) membership shall be open to all Student Association members of Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC). All members must actively participate in the Debate Program at KCKCC by being enrolled in a Debate class, competing for KCKCC at a tournament level, and have a legitimate interest in pursuing debate either professionally or academically.

Student Nurse Association
The Student Nurse Association was formed to promote interaction and educational programming for all levels of nursing students. Interested students should contact the Nursing Department Office at 913-288-7174.

Student Organization of Latinos (SOL)
The Student Organization of Latinos, or SOL (pronounced soul), gives students the opportunity to build leadership skills and to share their cultures with other students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. In addition, the club provides a chance for camaraderie and support for the purpose of retention and to help students to reach their educational goals. Contact (913) 288-7625.

Student Senate
The KCKCC Student Senate works as a legislative body which is a voice for students. Elected positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Appointed positions include Parliamentarian, Campus Activities Chairperson, and six (6) Senators.

 Any enrolled student may attend Student Senate meetings which are held the second and fourth Wednesday when classes are in session. All students are welcome to attend.  Student Senate’s office is located on the lower  level of Jewell Student Center, Room 2312.

KNEA Student Chapter
KNEA Student Chapter serves as a mentoring organization to recruit and recognize students who are interested in the field of education. Interested students should contact the Education Coordinator whose office is on the lower level of the Social Science Building.

Therapy Club
The Therapy Club provides a source of education and information to students who are interested in a career in physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, or any other skilled Allied Health services.

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