Individual and/or Group Peer Tutoring is available by request, on an as-needed basis, for most courses offered at Kansas City Kansas Community College. In order to request an individual tutor, please submit an electronic Request for Tutoring form located on myDotte. Students in need of a tutor for composition and/or reading will be referred to the Reading & Writing Center. Every effort is made to match students with a peer tutor within 5-7 business days. During peak times of the semester or for particular courses, the time required to match a student with a tutor will be longer. In some circumstances a tutor may not be available for a course.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear from you?
Now that you have completed your Request for Tutoring, the process will begin to match you with a qualified Peer Tutor. Every effort is made to complete this process within 7 days. After 5 business days, it is recommended that you check in with Amanda Williams at or 913.288.7218 to see what progress is being made to find you a tutor.

Will I be charged for tutoring?
No.  Peer Tutors are paid by the Tutoring Services program.

What if you can’t find me a tutor?
Unfortunately there are times when a student requests a tutor for a course in which a Peer Tutor can not be hired to tutor. In these instances you are encouraged to work closely with your instructor. You will also be provided with additional referrals to individuals on campus that may be of further assistance.

What if I don’t like my tutor?
If you feel uncomfortable for any reason with the tutor that has been assigned to you please contact Amanda Williams, Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center. Every effort will be made to find a replacement tutor.

I have an exam this week and would like more tutoring can you help?
This may be possible. First, check with your tutor to see when he/she may be available. Your tutor will then submit your request for additional tutoring and will let you know if and when more tutoring can be provided.

My tutor has been really helpful, how can I thank him/her?
Students often like to show their appreciation for the help they receive from their tutor. The best way to do this is simply to tell him/her how much you appreciate their help. The Tutoring Services program also has a ‘Tutor of the Month’ contest so you are highly encouraged to nominate your tutor. This gives you a chance to share all the great things your tutor has done.

How late in the semester can I request a tutor?
Students can request a tutor up until the last day to withdraw from classes.

No tutoring when classes are not in session.