Institutional Review Board

According to College Policy 2.1 all research involving human subjects or animals at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) must be approved by the KCKCC Institutional Review Board (KCKCC IRB).

Administrative Procedures

There are two paths to/of the approval process: exemption and full review.

There are two types of exemptions: internal and external.  


Any study being done on our students, faculty and staff with the sole purpose of improving delivery performance and will not be presented for publication and or presentation at professional gatherings outside the College.  

Professor X wants to improve his/her pedagogics/andragogics; surveys only the students within his/her specific class. 

Staff X wants to improve communications amongst his/her specific staff; surveys the staff he/she supervises.


Any study being done on our students, faculty and staff that (i) has been approved by another institution’s IRB (we will need a copy of the formal IRB approval letter); and (ii) that none of our faculty, staff and or students is the principal or co-principal research investigator (or part of the research team).

All Other Studies

All studies not falling under the exemption categories will receive full board review.

The KCKCC IRB makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It is the Vice President for Academic Affairs that makes the final decision. Once a decision is made, same is communicated to the KCKCC IRB Chair who relates same to the principal investigator. 

However, if the KCKCC-IRB denies a proposal, the Vice president for Academic Affairs cannot reverse same.

Additional Information

  • All proposals will come through the Chair of the IRB at . The Chair of the IRB with three other members will then determine the approval status of the specific proposal (i.e., exemption or non-exemption, etc.). The majority will decide. If there is a tie, said proposal will automatically go to the full Board.
  • The full Board must approve all proposals other than exemptions.
  • All proposals will be reviewed during the regular monthly meeting of the KCKCC-IRB (the second Thursday of every Month; the August meeting will always be the third Friday). The Board does not meet in December, June and July. All completed proposals should be received fourteen calendar days before each meeting to be consider during that month’s meeting.
  • The IRB will have a listing of all studies going on Campus. This will be reflected on the College website.
  • No study will be done two weeks before midterm and final exams, unless that is specific to the very nature of the study.
  • The IRB and Institutional Effectiveness will maintain a Research Calendar. This calendar will be available on the IRB and Institutional Effectiveness websites. It may be a factor in approving or not approving a particular study.


Delfina Wilson
Student Affairs/Administration  

Cleon Wiggins
Social and Behavioral Sciences & Public Services

Justin Binek
Arts, Communications and Humanities 

Michele Avery
Health Professions

Shirley Nichols
Health Professions

Tanya Townsend
Math, Science, and Business 

Tom Weis
Arts, Communications and Humanities
Elisabeth Kasckow
Math, Science, Business and Technology

Shawn McGivern 
Career and Technical Education

Paul Hancock 
Career and Technical Education

Shazia Siddiqua
Institutional Effectiveness 

Patricia Sevier 
Wyandotte County

Victor Ammons 
Social and Behavioral Sciences & Public Services

Jelena Ozegovic
Center for Teaching Excellence
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