Corrections - Certificate

Program Code - CIP Code: CORR.CERT/43.0102
Credits Required: 17
Academic Division: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Services

The Certificate in Corrections provides the student with an introduction to the basic corrections, juvenile justice, and probation and parole disciplines. All of the courses within this Program meet some of the requirements for the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Corrections. Certification can be a good alternative for those that are currently employed in a criminal justice occupation that wants to upgrade their knowledge level in their respective profession.

Any deviation from the program must be approved by the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Services.

Requirements for admission to the program:                                    

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

Corrections Requirements*

Course Credit Hours
CRJS 0102 Introduction to Corrections 3
CRJS 0108 Oral Communications in the Correctional Environment 3
CRJS 0109 Corrections Report Writing 3
CRJS 0110 Ethical Decision Making in Corrections 3
CRJS 0111 Spanish in the Workplace (Corrections) 2
CRJS 0120 Special Populations in Corrections 3
*See course syllabi for Corrections course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total Hours for a Corrections Certificate 17
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