What can I do with WebAdvisor?

From the WebAdvisor Students Menu you can search for classes; review grades and grade point average by term, display your unofficial transcript, review your class schedule, review your demographic profile information (student ID, name and address, email address, phone number, academic program and level, degree, major, advisor information, etc). At the end of a term, after grades are entered, final grades will be available via WebAdvisor; grade reports are not mailed to students. For questions regarding student records, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 913-288-7536.

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If your computer's system clock is not set correctly, you could be timing out before you actually are logged in. 

To check your system clock, go to your Control Panel and select the Date and Time folder. Validate that your computer is set to the correct time zone and that the clock is accurately showing the correct time.
WebAdvisor will operate effectively with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers on PCs. For best results the browsers should be Release 4.x level or later. For Macintosh users, WebAdvisor will operate effectively with the Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers.
WebAdvisor is available 24/7. Please note that WebAdvisor has regularly scheduled system backups and maintenance, and an email notification will be sent out for any unexpected maintenance or repair affecting WebAdvisor. All pages that display grade information will be unavailable during the final grading period in any given term (for approximately one week) and these dates will be posted in WebAdvisor.
WebAdvisor puts a session cookie on your computer when you log into the system. When you close your browser, the cookie is erased.

There are a number of conditions that might affect your response time in WebAdvisor. Often an increase in the response time is related to traffic over the communication lines. Depending upon your location, WebAdvisor uses your campus Intranet, the Internet or both. The number of users on any portion of those systems will often slow the response time for everyone. Downloading large files via your institutions communications lines will drastically increase response time for all other users on the system. High levels of WebAdvisor use by other members of your institution also affect your response time. This is caused not only by increased user traffic, but also by the additional processing required of the institution's host machine to respond to WebAdvisor queries. An example of a high-use time period would be during your institution's Web registration period. You may also experience slower performance during peak usage periods for your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You should notify your ISP staff if you continue to experience poor performance during non-peak usage periods.

Either your username is not correct or it is not yet recognized by WebAdvisor. To get your user ID, click on the link "Account Information" from the main menu, and then "What's my User ID?" Here you enter your last name and SSN and WebAdvisor supplies your User ID. It is possible to receive this message even when you've entered the correct user ID due to an extremely high number of hits in WebAdvisor (such as the first few days after grades are released). If you're certain you have the correct user ID, wait 10 minutes and try logging in at a later time. For assistance, please contact helpdesk@kckcc.edu or 913-288-7479.

When you log in to a secure site with your browser, a certificate will be transferred between the server and the client in order to maintain security. This certificate does two things
  1. It validates that the site is who it says it is and is not being spoofed (faked). Therefore, the site is trusted.
  2. It sets up encryption so that data will be secure during the transfer process over the network.
When you log into WebAdvisor, the traffic between our administrative computer and the web server is further protected by an SSL certificate. The bottom line is that with our current setup, your data does transfer in an encrypted format. As long as you see the url "https", and the lock at the bottom of your screen, you can be assured that your network traffic is using SSL. Though WebAdvisor is a fully encrypted web site designed to protect your confidential information, you are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your private information. To ensure confidentially, it is important that:
  1. You do not share your password with anyone.
  2. When finished accessing your information, you must properly logout of WebAdvisor by clicking the "Log Out" button located at the upper right hand corner and then close your browser.