Basic Requirements

  • Keyboard/typing skills
  • Use mouse efficiently
  • Cut/copy and paste
  • Save documents on desktop or in a file
  • Upload and download files
  • Use search engines
  • Download and install plug-ins (if necessary)
  • Print a web page

Computer Requirements

  • Personal computer or administrative access to computer
  • Computer labs available on KCKCC campuses (See above)
  • Internet access or Internet Service Provider
  • Web Browser supported by the Online Course System (Blackboard) 
  • E-mail Address 
  • All students now have a campus email Pop-up blocker and Security programs must allow access to the following websites:

Minimum Recommendations

  • Internet Service Provider: DSL or Cable preferred
  • Web Browser Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Adobe Reader. Many instructors utilize PDF files to deliver information. Visit for the latest version CD-ROM or DVD. Some class' supporting material may require the use of CDs or DVDs. Keep current with all updates. 
  • Many classes, but not all, require the use of a word processor, such as MS Word, Wordpad, or OpenOffice Writer. Most instructors require documents written with these programs to be submitted in DOC, DOCX, or PDF formats.

Computer & Browser Recommendations

The following briefly describe the minimum technical aspects needed to run the browsers that are supported by Blackboard. Tablet devices are not fully compatible for all aspects of the learning management system and therefore are not recommended for use as the sole device for accessing course content.

Course Types

KCKCC offers a variety of course types.  Please be aware of each as you register for courses. 

Online Courses

Online courses, generally, do not meet in a classroom and are available 24/7 in the college learning management system.  However depending upon the content and instructor students may be required periodic face to face testing, labs, or performance purposes.  Please contact the appropriate division or instructor for this information.  

Web-enhanced courses

Web-enhanced courses meet on campus in a traditional timeframe, of which certain elements are available within the learning management system. 

Blended courses

Blended courses combine elements of both face to face courses and online courses.  Students meet periodically in the Blended course model and complete a wide variety of task and assignments in the online environment.

Face to Face courses

Face to face courses meet at scheduled dates and times for the duration of the designated semester.  Face to face course instructors may choose to use the college learning management system for activities such as document access,  paper and project collection, and grade distribution.  This decision is at the discretion of the instructor.