Wrapping Up the Internship

Final Written Reflection Project

All internships require a final written reflection project to be submitted to your faculty or departmental sponsor and a copy to the Career Services Office at the end of the internship semester, or academic year if a yearlong internship. The standard final internship assignment is a retrospective reflective paper on what you learned over the full course of the internship from personal, professional, and academic perspectives. It also requires you to comprehensively review all this information and explore more deeply patterns of behavior, insights, and connections that will impact your course of study, career, and personal development.

The written reflection should be a minimum of two single spaced pages, 12-point times new roman font, and 1-inch margins, with a cover page that has name, internship semester, internship department, and sponsor’s name and title.

Final Evaluation of Intern Form

We will send a form to your site supervisor to complete and return to our office. Make sure to schedule a meeting to review this with your sponsor and process your internship experience.

Internship Self Evaluation and Evaluation of Site

Evaluate the site, supervisor, and learning experience. Be honest – your feedback is confidential and will not be shared with anyone beyond your sponsor and the Career Services Office.

What is Expected of Faculty or Departmental Sponsors

  • Develop an internship position description
  • Post the internship opportunity with Human Resources
  • Select the intern and complete necessary Human Resources documents
  • Develop the Internship Proposal with the selected intern
  • Orient the intern to the organization and train for the job
  • Provide valuable work experience and regular supervision
  • Review the Internship Reflective Summary with the intern
  • Complete a final evaluation
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