Planning Your Internship

  • The earlier you start doing internships, the more you benefit.
  • Internships are developmental in nature. Doing one early prepares you and makes you a stronger candidate for more demanding, higher profile internships later in your college career.
  • Plan ahead.  Your major, class schedule, and work schedule may limit your options for when you can actually add an internship.
  • Do a January internship.  
  • Summer Internships. The summer months provide more time for internships and research opportunities, many of which are not available during the school year.  

The Process

  1. Review the position/job description for your internship and consider what the department can offer you through this opportunity.
  2. Create a written Internship Proposal that includes; desire for internship, learning objectives, strategies, and outcome measures (two pages max).
  3. Share Internship Proposal with your departmental or faculty sponsor and get their input.
  4. Once submitted, your faculty or site supervisor will need to approve the Internship Proposal and provide a copy to the Career Services Office along with your completed Internship Application.
  5. Once your internship proposal has been approved by your faculty or departmental sponsor, and your internship application has been provided to the Career Services office, the Career Services office will contact you to let you know you are approved.
  6. Once approved, you will need to stop by Career Services to sign a Student Agreement Form (this document provides important details related to negotiated start/end dates, hours, time keeping, and etc.) and complete documents for Human Resources.
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