Developing the Internship Proposal

The Internship Proposal is the main document that structures the relationship between you, the department, and KCKCC. It represents a description of learning objectives, specific strategies for achieving those objectives and methods for documenting their accomplishment to your internship supervisor. In an internship, you will have a position/job description that outlines what you are expected to DO, your Internship Proposal represents what you want to LEARN.  Your Internship Proposal should be submitted along with your Internship Application.

Your Internship Proposal should include three sections:

  • Learning objectives
  • Learning tasks and strategies
  • Evaluation and learning outcomes


  • Develop an awareness of the field of ________.
  • Gain an understanding of how an organization works with _________.
  • Learn or improve particular skills, expand knowledge of a specific field or process, and/or apply or test a particular body of knowledge.
  • Explore possible majors or career options and learn what one needs to be successful.
  • Learn about how a particular company, organization or industry works.

Learning Tasks and Strategies

Describe actions that will help you achieve your objectives. You may use more than one strategy for each objective.  

Some examples include:

  • Receive focused training to develop skills to do the work.  
  • Identify specific project(s) that will address the objectives.
  • Attend staff meetings, seminars, conferences or professional meetings
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals or experts about their work/careers.
  • Ask people to observe you at work and seek their feedback and suggestions.

Evaluation and Learning Outcomes

Describe how you will demonstrate to your faculty or departmental sponsor the progress made towards each objective, making sure these activities are appropriate, realistic, and measurable.

All internships require regular contact with faculty or departmental sponsor throughout the internship to assess learning outcomes.

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