KCKCC Student Activities would like to invite students to get to know their college professors by paying for you to take your professor to lunch.

Students who have educational relationships with faculty members outside the classroom are shown to be more successful in their collegiate experiences. Benefits of participating in this program include: development of academic confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, potential letters of recommendations, networking, mentoring, work-study and internship opportunities.

Take Your Professor to Lunch is active during the fall, spring and summer semesters, from the first day of classes through the week of finals.

How it Works

  1. First, the student group (a maximum of 3 students in a group) should ask their professor if he/she would like to have lunch, then schedule a tentative day and time with the professor.
  2. Complete an online application form at least one week prior to your scheduled lunch.
  3. Within a week, your group and professor will receive an email to let you know whether the lunch has been approved. Approved lunch vouchers will cover the student’s and professor’s meals and must be used by the expiration date. They may be picked up at the Office of Student Activities located in the Lower Jewell Student Center, room 2313 (across from the bookstore). A $10 lunch voucher will be given to the student who submitted the application for each member in their group and your professor. The lunch voucher can only be redeemed at the KCKCC Blue Devil Deli (Main Campus students) or the TEC Deli (TEC students). Any amount over $10 will be a personal expense. Monies left over will not be given as “change” to the student or professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Groups: Students are encouraged to go to lunch with a professor in a group. The group cannot exceed three students (including yourself). All participant information must be included on the application form. Once approved, the student who submitted the form will receive a lunch voucher to cover the student participants and the professor’s lunch.
  • Twice per semester: Students may participate in the Take Your Professor to Lunch initiative only twice per academic semester. Requests are accepted from the first day of classes through the week of finals in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Must have a current KCKCC ID.
  • Further Questions: If you have any questions about the program, how it works, or the status of your request, please contact Andrica Wilcoxen, awilcoxen@kckcc.edu or 913-288-7652.