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Gender Inclusive Programs and Services

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Fall 2023

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KCKCC Supports for Transgender Students

Chosen Name and Pronouns

Transgender students may have their chosen names and pronouns in the student record system, on
class rosters, and in the email system even if they have not yet legally changed their name outside
of the College. The Registrar’s Office serves as the point of contact to disperse chosen names to
appropriate departments.

Registrar’s Office

Transgender students must use their legal name to apply to the College, however; once
they have applied, they may contact the Registrar’s Office to request their chosen name and
pronouns be put into Colleague, the student record system.

Once the Registrar’s Office receives the chosen name, they will:

  • Input the chosen name and pronouns into Colleague. Once that is complete,
    transgender students may go to the Admissions Office to have new student I.D.
    cards made.
  • Notify Online Education to have the chosen name added to Blackboard for class
    rosters. During virtual classes, transgender students may input their chosen names
    and pronouns to be displayed onscreen in Zoom.
  • Send a ticket to IT to have the chosen name put into the email system as a display
    name. The email address must use transgender students’ legal names, however; the
    display name can be the chosen name.
  • Upon graduation, transgender students may elect to have their chosen name on
    their diploma, printed in the program, and read during the reading of the names.

Financial Aid Office

When applying for Federal Financial Aid, transgender students must use their legal name,
however; once they have their chosen name in the Colleague system, Financial Aid workers
will be able to see their chosen name and pronouns. The Federal Financial Aid system will
still only show their legal name. Therefore, at times only transgender students’ legal names
will be visible to Financial Aid workers. Financial Aid workers will try to be respectful of
transgender students’ chosen names as much as possible.

College Police

College Police need transgender students’ legal names in order to file reports, however;
they will respect transgender students’ chosen name when addressing them. They ask that
transgender students inform them of their chosen names and pronouns.

All student support departments using the Colleague Record System will be able to see and
respect transgender students’ chosen names and pronouns.

Gender Inclusive Housing

All students applying to live in Centennial Hall may request or opt-in to Gender Inclusive Housing.
By doing so, students communicate that they either identify or are open to rooming with students
within the gender expansive umbrella. LGBTQIA+ is an acronym that encompasses lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, ally, asexual, nonbinary, gender fluid, and two-

Gender Neutral Restrooms

There are Gender Neutral Restrooms located around campus
1 – Jewell Student Lounge, Upper Level
2 – Science Hallway, Upper Level
2 – Learning Commons, Lower Level
1 – Health Professions Building, Lower Level
10 – Centennial Hall Student Housing – For Residents Only – Building is locked 24/7

Safe Space

The OQS Diversity Club is the Gender & Sexuality Alliance(GSA) on campus. The Club provides a
Safe Space for LGBTQIA+ students to bond with other students, provide and seek support, and
advocate for issues protecting students with gender and sexual diversity. Through the Club,
students may participate in:

  • National Coming Out Day
  • Write for your Rights
  • Rainbow Read-In
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Transgender Day of Visibility
  • NoH8 (No Hate) Campaign
  • Ally Appreciation
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Pride Events
  • “A Crush for Your Crush” Fundraiser
  • Hosting LGBTQIA Speakers and Events
  • Creating Change: The National Conference for LGBT Equality
  • Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally Collegiate Conference (MBLGTACC)-- The
    Regional Conference by College Students for College Students

Women & Gender Advocacy Services

Women & Gender Advocacy Services through the Counseling & Advocacy Center specializes in
providing advocacy, counseling, and support for students across the gender and sexual diversity
spectrum. The Coordinator of Women & Gender Advocacy serves as the faculty advisor of the OQS
Diversity Club and The Women & Gender Resource Library is located within the Coordinator of
Women & Gender Advocacy’s Office. It is a branch of the Campus Library. Students may check out
LGBTQIA books and resources.

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