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Upper Jewell Bldg, Rm 3350A 

KCKCC Career Services offers many more services than just job postings. In addition to helping, you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities to achieve career success, KCKCC Career Services staff are here to help you achieve your career goals and gain access to more experiences and resources. Career Services provides an important bridge to the professional world. Make the most out of these resources by visiting us as early and as often as possible!

It’s Free

KCKCC Career Services offers an array of free services to help you jump-start or enhance your career. The resources and staff available are here to help develop your career from your first day of college and will continue to provide ongoing support and mentoring beyond college.

Access Career Assessment Tools

Career assessment tools help you explore and clarify strengths, values, and career interests. Come identify and determine your career path with a career counselor!

Resume, Cover Letter, & Interview Skills

Are looking to develop your first ever resume/cover letter or looking to improve your current work? Are wanting to practice for an upcoming job interview? KCKCC Career services can help! Schedule an appointment to revise your resume/cover letter and to practice your interview skills one-on-one with staff by reviewing typical questions and helping you think through your answers.

Hard vs. Soft Skills

A career counselor can help you identify and highlight your universal and less-defined soft skills that can be applied to any job, as well as your technical and measurable hard skills.


Internships are one of the most valuable experiences you can have to develop your career goals. KCKCC offers students a stipend to many internship opportunities. Internships broaden your opportunities when applying for your dream jobs after college. Internships provide an opportunity to develop required skills, experience, character, and networking in different fields. Come speak with a career counselor about available internship opportunities! 

Employer Connection and Job Postings

KCKCC Career Services collaborate directly with employers to share current job postings and benefits with students, organize career fairs, and plan workshops for students. Engaging with your career counselors increases your chances of networking with recruiters and employers in your community.

Objective Guidance

People often rely on those closest to them for guidance; however, loved ones are seldom career experts or objective when it comes to your career goals. Career services staff are available to provide you with objective, unbiases, and up-to-date guidance on the latest work trends and paths.

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