Intercultural Center Council

Don Black, Ph.D. Professor of Speech and Debate
Taylor Bolls Graphic Designer
Shelley Cetin ESL Instructor
Barbara Clark-Evans Director Intercultural Center
Awilda Haas  Coordinator of Languages
Marquis Harris Coordinator Intercultural Center
Gayle Holliday Library Clerk
Pamela Howe Coordinator Community Education
Jennifer Gieschen Coordinator Women and Gender Advocacy
Penny Mahon Professor/Media and Reference Librarian
James Mair Professor of Music
Aaron Margolis Professor of History
Jeremiah McCluney Coordinator Admissions
Ayah Mahmud Student Diversity Committee Stu. Act.
Dr. Hira Nair Coordinator of Secondary Education
Lourdes Olivares-Baker Lead Academic Advisor
Brian Patrick Director of Cultural Outreach
Shai Perry Specialist Intercultural Center and Gallery Curator
Mehdi Shariati, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, Sociology and Geography
Heaven M Shields Student Diversity Committee
Veronica Shipley Admin. Asst. to the Dean
Shazia Siddiqua Research Assistant
Curtis V. Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Science
John Stafford Assistant Professor of Music
Barbara Stransky Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
Ewa Unoke, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science
Nadia Vallecillo Student Diversity Committee Stu. Act.
Cleon Wiggins Dean Social and Behavioral Sciences
Daniel Zacapa Stud. Senate and Diversity Committee Stu. Act.
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