Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kansas City Kansas Community College has been vigilantly monitoring the daily and hourly updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as guidance from local, regional and state public health officials to inform all of our decisions.

Any updates and changes will be posted Messages and Updates section.


Fall 2020 Blue Devil Comeback Plan

KCKCC’s Blue Devils Comeback Plan is guided by information collected from several organizations with expertise in the field of disease control and public health preparedness. Key documents that were considered when developing this plan were: Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Institutions of Higher Education (Center for Disease Control) and and ReStart WYCO plan from the UG .

The ensuing comprehensive plan is provided as a guide of best practices and contains requirements KCKCC is implementing to help ensure the health and well-being of our entire college community. The plan will be amended as needed as new information becomes available. 

Read the KCKCC Blue Devil Comeback Plan 

Read the Fall 2020 Blue Devil Comeback Plan Info for Students 

General Information

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority in support of our students’ academic success. KCKCC has transitioned to a fully virtual classes for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Please be aware of the following important information.

  • Fall 2020 Convocation
  • View KCKCC President Greg Mosier's 'Chat with the President and Cabinet' video updating the college on the Fall 2020 semester, safety procedures and other topics (Aug 10).
  • View KCKCC President Greg Mosier's 'Chat with the President and Cabinet' video updating the college on the Fall 2020 semester, safety procedures and other topics (July 16).
  • View KCKCC President Greg Mosier's 'Chat with the President' video (May 13).
  • Summer 2020 classes' method of delivery has been changed. Read more in the Courses section
  • Enrolling in KCKCC Technical Education certificate programs has changed due to the Stay-at-Home order that is in effect.  Enrollment is through an online process rather than in-person. Read more about this change.
  • Students should use the virtual assistance. Go to the COVID-19's Info for Students webpage for info.
  • Student Housing will remain available for students in highly exceptional situations who do not have a permanent residence or cannot return to their permanent residences, including some international students.
  • GED and ESL classes are postponed until further notice at Wyandotte High School.
  • GED classes are postponed until further notice at the University Kansas Health System
  • Concurrent Enrollment Classes taught by area high schools instructors will continue following the school districts’ schedules.
  • Dual Enrollment Classes taught by KCKCC instructors at area high schools will be offered online only.

Messages and Updates

KCKCC COVID-19 Student Relief Fund

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is working relentlessly to meet the unique needs of our students. KCKCC has established a process for students seeking temporary, short-term, financial assistance. The COVID-19 Student Relief Fund is made possible through the generous donations of KCKCC faculty, staff, alumni and donors. 

All Fall 2020 Funds have been allocated. 


Fall 2020

A tremendous amount of planning has gone into how classes will be offered to help ensure students’ continued success this fall. Given the current environment that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, KCKCC will be offering classes in four ways for the coming semester:

  • Face-to-Face: Will be offered face-to-face at one of KCKCC’s physical locations. The college is taking extra precautions to help ensure the safety of both students and employees, including reducing face-to-face class sizes and replacing some furniture to maximize social distancing. At a minimum, KCKCC will follow all current county guidelines, and face masks may be required. Multiple sanitation stations have been distributed across all facilities, and class times have been adjusted to reduce high student traffic in the hallways between classes.
  • Online: A significant number of courses will be offered in a traditional online format. Traditional online courses are delivered online, but do not have scheduled class meeting times. These courses will be listed as “online” in the class schedule.
  • Virtual: Other courses will continue to meet on a set schedule, but will do so online through Zoom or other video technology, as shown in WebAdvisor. For example, you might have a virtual class that will meet through Zoom from 10 to 10:50 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The exact meeting days and times will be shown on WebAdvisor and on your class schedule. Virtual courses will be listed as “virtual” in the class schedule.
  • Blended: Classes that are delivered in a blended format will meet both face-to-face and online. These will be designated as “blended” in the class schedule.

Regardless of class delivery at the beginning of the fall semester, almost all classes will transition after Thanksgiving Break to a virtual or online format. Unless specifically identified, students will not physically return to KCKCC locations following Thanksgiving Break to complete the semester. The last week of classes, Nov. 30 to Dec. 7, as well as course finals will be completed online.

Changing Student Schedules/Tuition Rates

As the Fall 2020 schedule had already been released and students are currently enrolled in courses that may transition to a different delivery method, personal contact is being made with affected students to notify them of any changes. As the credit hour rate is different for Wyandotte County students taking face-to-face classes as compared to online classes ($82 vs. $88), to hold Wyandotte County students harmless in this change, those students will continue to pay the lower face-to-face tuition rate.

Zoom Meetings

KCKCC uses Zoom to facilitate meetings and virtual classrooms. Below are instructions on how to use Zoom.

Travel: KCKCC Business and Personal

  • All essential travel regardless of transportation mode must be pre-approved by the employee’s respective Cabinet member. Employees should not carpool with other employees, or those outside of their immediate household in college or personal vehicles. Employees taking personal travel should adhere to CDC and local health department guidelines regarding isolation after travel. All college owned vehicles will be electrostatically disinfected after each use.
  • If you or any individual in your household has traveled to OR had a visitor stay in your household from locations that are identified by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) you will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. The current list (June 30, 2020)includes:

    • Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina
    • Cruise ship or river cruise passengers
    • International travel

    Because KDHE information is frequently updated, check the KDHE website often.  Please refer to the KDHE website prior to any upcoming travel so that you can communicate with your supervisor and Human Resources when your travel will be impacted by a 14-day self-quarantine. Employees that are in self-quarantine are expected to continue their work assignments from home whenever possible and must make arrangements with their supervisors.

  • Employees must notify the Human Resources Office if guests from outside Metro KC or out of state are staying or visiting at their home. Employees may be subject to a fourteen day quarantine. Travel guidelines:

Returning or Arriving to Campus

  • Employees who become ill during or upon returning from travel with virus-like symptoms will need to contact a health care provider as well as the HR department for direction as soon as possible.
  • Employees returning from travel who do not exhibit virus-like symptoms must still contact the HR department upon return and may be directed to remain away from the workplace for fourteen days to determine whether or not they have been exposed. The returning employee should work with their manager to set appropriate telecommuting arrangements or request time off from work.

On Campus Meetings and Events

  • We strongly discourage any non-essential meetings or events of 10 people or more.
  • KCKCC will use heightened cleaning protocols.
  • Academic classes will be moved to a virtual setting. No classes will be held at KCKCC locations.
  • Organizers should postpone large gatherings or use remote technology if possible.


Kansas Governments

Other Local Governments

Federal Government

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