Welding Technology Special Fees

Welding Technology Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Welding Safety WELD0100 $75
Welding Blueprints WELD0105 $75
Cutting Processes WELD0110 $75
SMAW I WELD0120 $75
GMAW I WELD0130 $75
GTAW I WELD0140 $75
SMAW II WELD0220 $75
GMAW II WELD0230 $75
GTAW II WELD0240 $75
Aluminum Welding WELD0255 $75
Stainless Steel Welding WELD0260 $75
Fabrication Welding WELD0265 $75
Automated Welding and Cutting WELD0270 $75
Pipe Welding WELD0275 $75
Welding Codes and Advanced Inspection WELD0280 $75
Internship WELD0285 $75
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