Respiratory Therapy Special Fees

Respiratory Therapy Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Fundamentals of Respiratory Care RSCR0120 $50
Technical Interventions I RSCR0124 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care I RSCR0125 $65
Clinic Practice I RSCR0129 $50
Introduction to Respiratory Care RSCR0220 $50
therapeutic Interventions I RSCR0224 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics I RSCR0225 $65
therapist Clinical Practice I RSCR0229 $50
Technical Devices RSCR0230 $35
Technical Intervention II RSCR0234 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care II RSCR0235 $65
Clinic Practice II RSCR0239 $65
therapeutic Devices RSCR0240 $35
therapeutic Interventions II RSCR0244 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics II RSCR0245 $65
therapist-Clinic Practice II RSCR0249 $65
Technical Case Studies RSCR0270 $20
Technical Intervention III RSCR0274 $100
Technical Interventions IV RSCR0275 $50
Clinic Practice III RSCR0279 $65
Clinic Practice IV RSCR0284 $130
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics III RSCR0285 $130
Asthma Disease Management RSCR0286 $20
Perinatal Pediatrics RSCR0290 $35
Neonatal Resuscitation RSCR0294 $20
Final Project Seminar RSCR0299 $20
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