Nursing/Practical Nurse Special Fees

Nursing/Practical Nurse Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Foundation of Nursing KSPN0102 $375
Medical Surgical I KSPN0106 $375
Nursing Care of Adults I KSPN0107 $375
KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing I KSPN0120 $375
Nursing Care of Adults II KSPN0121 $375
Maternal Child Nursing KSPN0124 $375
Transition to RN for LPN, Paramedic, and RT NURS0105 $215
Introduction to Professional Nursing Concepts NURS0131 $215
Foundational Concepts NURS0132 $215
Homeostatic Concepts NURS0133 $215
Protective Concepts NURS0134 $215
Nursing Concepts for Clients with Common Health Problems NURS0143 $430
LPN, Paramedic/RRT to RN Transition NURS0146 $215
Health Assessment for Nurses NURS0193 $60
Nursing Concepts for Patients with Complex Health Problems NURS0243 $430
Nursing Concepts for Patients with Multisystem and Emergent Health Problems NURS0244 $215
Nursing Management of Care Concepts NURS0245 $215
Lifespan Family & Community Health NURS0251 $430
Complex Health Concepts NURS0254 $215
Management Concepts NURS0215 $215
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