Major Appliance Technology Special Fees

Major Appliance Technology Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Electrical and Mechanical Safety MAPR0100 $75
Basic Electricity MAPR0108 $75
Fundamentals of Refrigeration MAPR0112 $75
Principles of Combustion MAPR0120 $75
Oxy/Acetylene Safety/Usage MAPR0135 $75
Brazing/Swaging/Silver and Soft Soldering MAPR0140 $75
Workplace Skills/Customer Relations MAPR0160 $75
Gas and Electric Wall Ovens (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0205 $75
Cooking Equipment Residential and Commercial MAPR0210 $75
Ventilation Hoods/Make-Up Air Blowers (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0215 $75
Dishwashers (Domestic/Professional/Commercial) MAPR0220 $75
Advanced Refrigeration MAPR0222 $75
Residential Refrigerators/Freezers MAPR0230 $75
Ice Makers (Domestic Clear Ice and Commercial Ice) MAPR0233 $75
Commercial Walk-in/Reach-in Freezers/Coolers MAPR0235 $75
Steam Ovens/Proffers/Deep Fryers (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0240 $75
Microwave Ovens (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0243 $75
Top and Front Load Clothes Washers (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0245 $75
Gas and Electric Clothes Dryers/Stack Laundry MAPR0247 $75
Special Projects MAPR0284 $75
Internship I MAPR0290 $75
Internship II MAPR0291 $75
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