Electrical Technology Special Fees

Electrical Technology Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Electrical Safety ELET0100 $75
Electromechanical Systems ELET0101 $75
Electrical Print Reading ELET0104 $75
National Electric Code 1 ELET0110 $75
Electrical Math ELET0120 $75
Basic Electricity ELET0130 $75
Basic Residential Wiring 1 ELET0150 $75
Basic Residential Wiring 2 ELET0151 $75
Commercial Wiring ELET0200 $75
Analog Circuits ELET0203 $75
Communication Fundamentals ELET0206 $75
National Electric Code 2 ELET0210 $75
Electrical Circuits, Instruments and Measurements ELET0232 $75
HVAC Systems ELET0240 $75
Troubleshooting Techniques ELET0245 $75
Industrial Wiring ELET0250 $75
Motor Controls ELET0253 $75
Programmable Controllers ELET0255 $75
Digital Circuits ELET0260 $75
Generators and Transformers ELET0265 $75
Electrical Internship ELET0280 $75
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