Early Childhood Education Special Fees

Early Childhood Education Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Introduction to Early Childhood Education ECED0100 $110
Infant, Toddler 1 ECED0110 $50
Infant, Toddler 2 ECED0111 $50
Preschool Child 1 ECED0112 $50
Preschool Child 2 ECED0113 $50
Portfolio Development in Early Childhood ECED0120 $50
Creative Activities for Young Children ECED0143 $50
Health, Safety and Nutrition in Early Childhood ECED0150 $50
Early Childhood Curriculum ECED0170 $50
Developing Language and Literacy in Early Childhood ECED0180 $50
Program Planning and Administration ECED0200 $50
Family, Community and Professional Partnerships ECED0210 $50
Social Emotional Development & Child Behavior ECED0220 $50
Early Childhood Inclusion and Intervention ECED0250 $50
Early Childhood Internship ECED0260 $100
Survey of Exceptionalities ECED0259 $50
Student Teaching B-PreK ECED0296 $50
Special Problems in Child Development PSYC0296 $50
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