Drafting/CAD Special Fees

Drafting/CAD Special Fees
Title Number Fee
Descriptive Geometry ENGR0103 $35
Applied Math I ENGR0104 $35
Computer Aided Drafting ENGR0106 $35
Electronic Circuit Fundamentals ENGR/AUDI0108 $35
Circuit Analysis I ENGR/AUDI0115 $35
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems ENGR0131 $35
Introduction to Global Positioning Systems ENGR0140 $35
Basic Drafting Technology ENGR0151 $35
3D Parametric Modeling ENGR0152 $35
Pictorial Drawing ENGR0154 $35
Fundamentals of Arcview GIS ENGR0195 $35
Applied Calculus I ENGR0204 $35
Advanced Computer Aided Drafting ENGR0206 $35
CAD-MicroStation* ENGR0216 $35
Fundamentals of Building Planning ENGR0251 $35
Fundamentals of Structural Steel Design ENGR0253 $35
Fundamentals of CAD Technologies ENGR0257 $35
Advanced Machine Drafting ENGR0260 $35
Commercial Building Planning ENGR0262 $35
Industrial Illustration ENGR0264 $35
Structural Steel Drafting ENGR0266 $35
Drafting Field Project I-II ENGR0281 $35
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